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The Palace: Jewelries of the World

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A national jeweler with local pride and an international collection.

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Everyone would agree that jewelry is an expression of the identity and personality of those who wear it. That is why The Palace offers outlets with a huge variety of high-quality items to choose from, from the designs to precious stones, and even featuring renowned brands such as Frank & co., Mondial Jeweler, and Miss Mondial Jeweler. No matter what customers are looking for, they will surely find something to suit them along with a sense of assurance as the gold level in The Palace’s products have been standardized using a high-tech tool called a Karatimeter.

In exploring the rich varieties of Indonesian jewelries, The Palace has collaborated with several local designers for special collections. A collaboration with Anne Avantie has led to a couple collection titled Kekaseh that sincerely wishes for the couple to stay loyal and loving to each other and presents six pairs of simple silhouettes but amazingly detailed motifs inspired by traditional Javanese batik.

Meanwhile,a collaboration with Samuel Wattimena invites Indonesian women to wear their national identity proudly with a total of 86 pieces made of gold and diamonds in the Nusantara collection. The shapes of the bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces are inspired by traditional jewelry shapes from all around Indonesia including pending, mamuli, and mas bulan base.