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Yohanes Sondjaja – Retail Department General Manager, PT Citasamit Indonusa, Arnon Brook Group : Crafting Layers of Elegance

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Customer experience is everything! Our loyal customers appreciate high-quality products and expect an exceptional service.

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Arnon Brook, one of the exclusive product lines from PT. Citasamit Indonusa, is a powerful brand in gentlemen’s retail fashion. Gentlemen’s suits are universal and at the same time ones’ statement to the world. Arnon Brook offers suits made from an exclusive selection of the best and most comfortable fabrics, timeless in design, and ranging from button suits, to sport blazers and detailed patterns. Arnon Brook was among the first to provide ready-to-wear formal suites in department stores throughout Indonesia and the business is still expanding, both offline and online. Currently, there are over 60 outlets spreading from Jakarta to  Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Makasar and many other cities. There are also stand-alone showrooms in the Galaxy Mal in Surabaya and a few other projects in the pipeline.

Yohanes Sondjaja is the man behind the successful revolution of the Group. He started his career as an Area Supervisor in Bandung before being promoted to the company’s headquarters in Jakarta as Brand Manager. After numerous achievements, he became the General Manager of the Retail Department. His key role is to ensure that all retail business operations are running well, from product design, selection of fabrics, production, distribution and sales, through offline and online channels. Yohanes, an accounting degree graduate, has a continuing passion for the men’s retail fashion world. His passion and strong market penetration analysis are among his more prominent skills that he uses to develop online marketing channnels through the company’s own-website and other marketplace plarforms. He added, “In order to expand the market, we need to be innovative and creative when exploring new potential channel distributions, product lines and customer service. For channel distribution, we have been upgrading our counters/outlets to be more spacious and have added locations inside department stores that add additional volume to accommodate the marketplace platform demands. On the product side, we have been expanding customer age segmentation targets by providing more flexible, trendy and stylish designs and colors, even fabrics. With customer service, we have been introducing a customer service counter in most outlets to deliver a more personal service and will soon launch online chat through our website.”

Yohanes added, “The customer experience is everything! Our loyal customers appreciate high-quality products and expect exceptional service. We believe fashion is a self-expression, therefore we deliver freedom and confidence to our customers through our products. We only use the best imported and local fabrics from the best suppliers around the world, applying strict Quality Control standards so that the product is delivered to customer in perfect condition.”

As the leading men’s fashion retailer, Arnon Brook has the highest sales in almost all department store distribution channels. The Group is consistently innovating and focusing on developing more product lines for the future, targeting customers formal and casual fashion from head to toe. “We continue to challenge our brands to provide more variation and fashionable models, patterns and colors, so that our product assortments provide unlimited choices for our customers”, Yohanes said.

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