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drg.Tantri Onny Bianti and dr. Fredi Setyawan, Owners of Natasha Skin Care and Clinics : When Nature Healing Meets Technology

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An invention that started with a love story.

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A renowned local brand for skin care products and beauty treatments, Natasha’s initial inspiration came from a simple desire to care for each other. Onny and Fredi, the founders of Natasha Skin Care and Clinics, are both graduates of Yogyakarta’s Gadjah Mada University which is known globally as one of the best medical faculties in Indonesia. Onny was a dentist at the health center and Fredi was an independent doctor  with a practice in Klaten, Central Java.  Since Onny’s skin tended to get pimples easily, Fredi took the initiative to treat her skin problem with a simple face cream that he had created himself from natural ingredients and would be that suitable for a tropical climate. After some time, Onny felt her skin become smoother and her friends noticed the change in her complexion so Fredi then began to make products for their circle of friends. The result was that in 1994 Natasha Skin Care products were launched to the market. As sales continued to grow and Fredi continously challenged his creativity, their first clinic opened in Ponorogo in 1998, followed by two more in Surabaya and Madiun in 1999. Onny’s motivation, her passion for skin care products and a strong interest in business gave the couple confidence in developing their skin care products brand the name of which, Natasha, is their daughter’s name.

After more than 20 years, there are currently over 100 branches of Natasha clinics spread across Indonesia offering customers a wide range variation of products from skin care, sun block, body series, hair series, healthy drinks, make up and many others for both women and men. Skin treatments are also available, ranging from acne treatment, anti aging, facial, hair treatment, hyper-pigmentation, laser peel and diamond peel, stretch mark package and others using the latest developments and technology.

Actively participating in various world congresses in the industry has helped Natasha continue to innovate while still prioritizing natural and botanical ingredients for their patients’ products and treatment. With their clinics and factories ISO certified, the brand has expanded internationally by opening branches in Malaysia, establishing a limited company in Korea 5 years ago, and in Paris 7 years ago.

The challenge in delivering the best skin care products with natural ingredients has encouraged the brand’s innovation with Onny adding, “Our years of experience and expertise over more than 26 years has made us better understand the characteristics of our patients. Natasha Clinic guarantees ingredients that are safe to use because all products are under the supervision of experienced doctors.”

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