MotionPerspectiveDecathlon Indonesia: Sports Active and Eco-Friendly Collections for Everyone

Decathlon Indonesia: Sports Active and Eco-Friendly Collections for Everyone

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With the need for increased  immunity and endurace  to tackel the COVID-19, sports have become a daily activity. Various outdoor sports can help to maintain good physical health and mental well-being.

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Supporting activities through the eco-design products of sports wear and sports equipment, Decathlon Indonesia, part of the French Decathlon Group (currently celebrating its 45th anniversary), has expanded in Indonesia since the opening of its first store in Alam Sutera in 2017. Bringing its mission to life; to sustainably make the pleasure and benefit of sports accessible to anyone, Decathlon is committed to achieving 100% product development with an eco-design approach by 2026. Decathlon Alam Sutera has successfully managed to produce 100% of its power from the solar panels installed on top of the store roof. Furthermore, from 2020, Decathlon Indonesia has started introducing eco-friendly design products of sports wear and equipment to Indonesian sports enthusiasts. Decathlon is renowned for their passion for 80 sports activities, with brands including kalenji, nabaiji, newfeel, SIMOND, APTONIA, KIPSTA, ITIWIT, TARMAK and many others.

By introducing these eco-friendly design products, hopefully it will create more awarenes and a more sustainable environmental impact of of products over their entire life-cycle. This is currently being achieved by integrating environmental issues into the design process and through several initiavites, such as:

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Decathlon is using recycled polyester, recycled cotton, organic cotton, recycled plastic, recycled rubber, no palm oil, no lead, and use of eco-alternative raw materials.

Sustainable Processes

In comparison with other traditional manufacturing processes, these sustainable processes can reduce CO2 emissions, and reduce water consumption and water pollution: spin dyeing, bi-ton, dry dye, not dyed, PFC-free.

Environmentally Conscious Design

All product designs are manufactured with 10% less environmental impact from at least two indicators than the previous model, through research and development for sustainable products. Indicators are:  climate change, air quality, scarcity of resources, and over-fertilization of water bodies.

With the rapid growth in the sports industry and sports communities in Indonesia, Decathlon Indonesia has expanded their premise to four stores in Alam Sutera BSD, Summarecon Bekasi, Mall Taman Anggrek, and Mall of Indonesia within a mere 4 years. As the home of 80 sports and 5,000 products, Decathlon Indonesia consistently offers sports enthusiasts a wider range of affordable and eco-friendly collections. Furthermore, digital acceleration has been set to fulfill consumers’ rising demands, from Decathlon’s presence in prominent Indonesian e-commerce channels, to building its own ecosystem through websites and mobile apps.




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