SavvyFettleAMAN SKINCARE & SVA: Breathing life, health, and beauty .

AMAN SKINCARE & SVA: Breathing life, health, and beauty .

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In what has already been a challenge-filled year, looking ahead to the New Normal is the perfect time to detox the body, mind, and soul.

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Aman Skin Care and their SVA line use a range of holistic supplements to blend tangible physical benefits with lasting emotional balance as you face the future.

For those looking to detox the mind, SVA’s herbal formula, Calm, uses elements of ancient Chinese plants and remedies to help support a healthy mentality and maintain a sense of inner balance. SVA’s Liver Detox micronutrient supplement combines milk thistle, artichoke, ginger root, and lecithin (from sunflower seeds) to detoxify the liver and keep your digestive system healthy. But, if you want help breaking down food, SVA’s Digestion Support uses a careful blend of enzymes to promote a healthy gastrointestinal system which, when paired with the herbal formula Nourish, can further support your immune system and help maintain a calm mind.

Now is the time to renew and restore the skin with the three scrubs and soaks from Aman Skincare’s bath collection, including the Purifying Quartz Scrub and Soak which uses quartz and kombu extract to exfoliate the skin, stimulate circulation, and cleanse your body of negative energy. The jade and Himalayan salts in the Nourishing Jade Scrub and Soak help relieve you of fatigue and stimulate circulation, while the Grounding Amethyst Scrub and Soak utilizes maca powder which, with regular use, banishes dry skin and leaves your body glowing, smooth, and refreshed.

Aside from scrubs and soaks, Aman Skincare also offers the Purifying Marine Face Wash which combines seaweed extract and the Vitamin C-rich moringa oil which can be used daily on even the most sensitive skin to help preserve its elasticity and promote a flawless complexion. The gentle but hard-working Nourishing Ultimate Cream Cleanser uses a shea butter, rosehip seed and pomegranate mix to remove impurities in damaged skin and reveal the radiant you underneath, while the Grounding Maca Cleaning Powder and the newest addition to the Aman Skincare line, the Grounding Miracle Mud mask, bring a blend of minerals, oils and natural ingredients that breathe life not only into dry skin but also into your outlook on the future.