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With its ancient forests, glacial lakes and world-famous walking tracks, the iconic Cradle Mountain is a natural paradise that will help you reconnect with the beauty of life.

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Cradle Mountain Lodge

Located at the edge of the World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park and overlooking an ancient alpine forest abundant in nature’s gifts, Cradle Mountain Lodge is one of Australia’s most iconic wilderness experiences and the perfect place to rest by a fireplace, share a meal of locally-sourced Tasmanian produce, or relax with a spa treatment after a day reconnecting with nature. When night falls, guests are also welcome to go out and stargaze from the boardwalk, or spot Australia’s nocturnal wildlife.



Pumphouse Point

Built on a historic industrial site and surrounded by centuries-old myrtle forests, the mystical, tranquil beauty of Lake St Clair brings time to a standstill. Pumphouse Point is the place for you to reconnect with yourself and the earth. The picnic larders and e-bikes provided allow you to enjoy an afternoon meal outdoors, and in the evening, guests can share tables and stories with fellow lodgers. Whether you decide to forge new friendships or new memories, Pumphouse Point will draw you into its world of self-reflection and relaxation.




Wilderness Woodworks

Wilderness Woodworks is situated on Tasmania’s west coast and is highly regarded for its Huon pine turnery, large array of fine crafts, and furniture which has been professionally crafted with a passion and respect for the rare timber. Wilderness Woodworks is also a place where craftsmen come to work, have fun, imagine, create, and give visitors a rare opportunity to watch wood being crafted into unique hand-finished pieces that you can take home.


Bonnet + Entrance Eco Store

Bonnet + Entrance Eco Store started when its owner began making organic products to stay not only beautiful but healthy. An hour away from the heart of Cradle Mountain, Bonnet + Entrance is a store which sells natural skincare products and sustainable wares made by local artists and creators that can help freshen your skin or liven up your home.




Tavern Bar & Bistro

Sit by a log fire, play some billiards, and enjoy the warm and rustic atmosphere as you share a meal at the Tavern Bar & Bistro. You can choose from a wide selection of beverages from The Bar, or from the array of pasta, salads, wood-fired pizzas and bistro-style meals on the menu, the Tavern Bar & Bistro is the place to satisfy your stomach and relax at the end of a beautiful day in Cradle Mountain.


The Berry Patch

Bring the family along to pick some ripe and tasty Tasmanian-grown berries at The Berry Patch. Children can explore the hay maze, visit the farm animals, or choose from the array of outdoor games, including tug of war and sack racing. Finish it all off with a scoop of real fruit ice-cream at the café and a few jars of homemade jam from the shop to take on the road.


The Chapel

Situated in a restored 1890s Methodist church, The Chapel Cafe offers a quaint and welcoming atmosphere with the fresh aroma of roasting coffee wafting through the air and an all-day breakfast and lunch menu. Feel Australia’s generous hospitality and enjoy live performances by local artists every Friday night at The Chapel.


Anvers Chocolate Factory

Filled with hand-made chocolate truffles, chocolate oranges, fudge, and pralines made with fresh Tasmanian cream and butter, single-origin chocolate, fruits, nuts and liqueurs, the Anvers Chocolate Factory in Tasmania’s north is a chocolate lovers’ heaven. The factory was started by a Belgium chocolatier and now offers a selection of tempting tastes for visitors to enjoy.



Explore Cradle Mountain Lake-St Clair National Park

Cradle Mountain and the surrounding Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is Tasmania’s most recognisable landmark and one of the state’s most visited attractions. With its ancient rainforests, alpine lands, beautiful lakes, colourful beech trees, rich Australian wildlife and breathtaking walking trails, visitors will be transported by its natural beauty.


Relax at Waldheim Alpine Spa

Reflect on the natural purity and pristine beauty of the Tasmanian wilderness at the Waldheim Alpine Spa. Their spa therapies, massages and facials combine the power of touch, nature’s wisdom, and the balanced beauty of Cradle Mountain to provide life-enhancing experiences for everyone, all against the backdrop of majestic pine trees and fresh Tasmanian mountain streams.


Go Horse Riding with Cradle Country Adventures

Get off the beaten track and truly reconnect with nature on horseback with Cradle Country Adventures. They organise short and overnight rides across the Cradle Mountain region through bush, beaches, and open fields and on well-trained horses. Whether you are an experienced rider or its your first-time riding, you hold the reigns on this Cradle Mountain horse riding adventure.


Gaze at the Southern Lights

Like the Aurora Borealis in the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern Lights, or Aurora Australis, illuminate the night sky with flickering shades of green, blue, purple and red. Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park with its series of flat, mirrored lakes is the best place in Australia to witness this stunning light show. Head to the still waters of Cradle or Dove Lake for the best seats and, whether you do see the Southern Lights or not, Cradle Mountain is still one of Australia’s best spots for stargazing.