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Premier Surabaya Hospital, a Sime Darby Healthcare Provider: High Qualification for Better Care Quality

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An International Joint Commission (JCI 2019-2022) accreditation, highly qualified doctors and medical personnel with a subspecialty in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, and a Center of Excellence in Integrated Heart Services make the Premier Surabaya a hospital to trust.

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In order to maintain the body’s immunity, we must choose a healthy lifestyle, especially since we are now co-existing with the covid-19 virus. However, restrictions have changed the ways in which we do our activities, including working and schooling from home. Some habits are not good for our health, for instance less work-outs, stress, consuming junk-food, and smoking which can then lead to heart disease, diabetes, strokes and other diseases. It is, therefore, necessary to have a reliable Healthcare provider with an international standard reputation and recognition, such as the Premier Surabaya Hospital.

One of the sub specialties at the Premier Surabaya Hospital is Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, led by dr. Yan Efrata Sembiring, Sp. B, Sp. BTKV (K) with his years of expertise and qualifications is specialist bypass surgery and minimally invasive cardiac surgery. A graduate of the Airlangga University Medical Faculty, dr. Yan is also active in the Department of Surgery Medical Faculty Airlangga University in Dr. Soetomo Hospital as well as a Head of Residency and Coordinator of the university’s Thoracic, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery residency training programme. He obtained extensive fellowship experience abroad in Singapore, Thailand, Australia and France in his field of expertise.

To perform heart surgery, you need not only highly qualified doctors and a medical team, but also adequate modern medical equipment of an international standard. In the event of any complications, they can be handled immediately without risking the life of a patient. “A decision to undergo bypass surgery should follow a prior assessment and consultation with the patient. Being open and transparent, if there is any condition of risk involved or further procedures to follow, is key” said dr. Yan.

For a patient undergoing bypass surgery, a non emergency, they must follow a preparation phase  5-7 days prior to surgery to eliminate the risk of bleeding from taking any blood thinner medicine. Then, the patient is hospitalized for screening procedures to monitor the patient’s condition. A normal coronary bypass surgery takes about 5-6 hours, it requires an artificial vein taken from the leg or breastbone bypassed to the patient’s heart. With modern innovations in minimally invasive surgery at the Premier Surabaya Hospital, this is performed through small incisions with technological tools, instead of a large opening. These tools assist in performing safe, less invasive, and precise surgical procedures. Patients achieve a quicker recovery and return to normal activities.  Even during the pandemic, patients have shown more trust towards international standard hospitals in Indonesia, proven by the increasing numbers of successful operations. The Premier Surabaya Hospital, part of the Sime Darby Healthcare network, offers the technology and qualified expertise without the need to travel overseas meaning quality and more affordability.


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