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LRT City: The City of the Future

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A city which is known for smart packing and urban planning.

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Striving to be the provider of service for life quality improvement, PT Adhi Commuter Properti continues to expand its business properties to the next level with the addition of LRT City. LRT City is a reliable transportation-based area developer, consisting of residences, offices, commercial areas and quality services. It raises the concept of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) with a compact city development approach, adopting mixed use, maximizing the use of mass transportation and equipped with a pedestrian or bicycle network. Through the development and the TOD approach, LRT City is able to create time, space, quality of life improvements, harmony, and balance, where producing a beautiful design with a soul is Adhi Commuter Properti’s dedication to the country. 

Equipped with integrated access to the LRT station, residents can relax as they don’t have to worry about traffic jams in carrying out their activities. LRT City has spread out across LRT City Sentul, LRT City Bekasi-Eastern Green, Cisauk Point, LRT City Jatibening, LRT City Bekasi-Green Avenue, LRT City Ciracas, Oase Park, LRT City Tebet, LRT City MTH, Adhi City Sentul, Grand Central Bogor and LRT City Cibubur.



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