WanderlustOdysseyUrban Farm PIK: Diversity in the City’s Cuisine

Urban Farm PIK: Diversity in the City’s Cuisine

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Exciting and diverse food just waiting for you.

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Despite the constantly shifting dining regulations, Urban Farm PIK still manages to attract foodies from around the city. Located in Golf Island Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta, Urban Farm is a local market with an outdoor concept that offers a diverse selection from local Asian to Western cuisines and from eco-friendly shops to pet shops.

So, whether you’re eating on the spot or taking your order for the family at home, Urban Farm provides a stunning selection to check out.

Monsieur Spoon

Based in Bali’s most-visited spots, Monsieur Spoon serves a tempting range of high-quality handmade French pastries, cakes, artisan bread and savouries in a relaxed, friendly environment.​ Monsieur Spoon’s products are made using selected sourced ingredients. The bakery is ideal for breakfast and lunch gatherings, and we strive to serve a healthy and delicious menu with seasonal fresh juices and house-blend coffee.


Solo Pizzeria

At Solo Pizzeria, you can see the dough being baked in the Neapolitan style pizza ovens. The ingredients in the pizza are carefully selected to provide only the best quality and taste. With their signature pizza, such as Ragu di Manzo, Cacio e Pepe, Al Fungi, Salmone Affumicato, Salami Milano and Beef Salami, make sure you don’t forget to order Pizza Fritta (fried pizza) for a different taste of pizza in another style.


Naked Ramen

Ramen is a Japanese dish popular for its savory broth and noodle texture. But, have you tried a cup of ramen without its notable thick broth? Naked Ramen offers a contemporary and unique dry ramen that comes served in a cup. Enjoy a wide-ranging menu with choices of delicious toppings, including plant based ramen, truffle maker ramen, vitamin sea ramen, miso gar-lick chicken ramen, and beef mala ramen.


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