WanderlustOdysseyThe Colors of Autumn in Tauberbischofsheim

The Colors of Autumn in Tauberbischofsheim

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A historic city staying vibrant through all the seasons and ages.

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 Hofhaus im Grünauer Hof is the cultural monument which was a former little castle and it belonged to the Knights of Hochhausen.

 Since 1803, Hofhaus im Grünauer Hof changed into ecclesiastical ownership. It has passed into the posession of the town of Tauberbischofsheim since 1928.

. The easily distinguished onion dome of Church

St. Pankratius is a region marker of Southern Germany and the surrounding areas up to Sardinia and Northeast Italy. This Roman Catholic church is located in Hochhausen, Tauberbischofsheim.

. Leiterwagen is the handcart beautifying the center of the village in Hochhausen, Tauberbischofsheim seit 1900. The theme of decoration always changes according to the seasons or ceremonies.

. Alter Herd, a vintage stove decorates the village in Hochhausen near Leiterwagen. It is a type of coal or firewood fueled cooking stove used in 19th century.

 Some flowers still bloom although the leaves already start changing color. Autumn enhances the beauty of season change in Hochhausen, Tauberbischofsheim.

 Kurmainzisches Schloss, the medieval town castle was built around 1250.

The tower of Kurmainzisches Schloss stands tall at approximately 35 meters and has 119 steps up to the tower room.

Wachturm watchtower lies near from the Kurmainzisches Schloss.

 The monastery hospital used to care for poor people in 1679.