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MesaStila Running Race

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Previously known as Losari spa Retreat and Coffee Plantation, MesaStila is an ideal version of a village retreat, designed for those looking for an escape from the demanding city life. The resort has a calming environment encircled by eight magnificent volcanoes and set within fifty-five acres of gardens, plantation and tropical jungle. Here, in order to achieve a better self, a retreat participant is entitled to MesaStila’s structured programs including healthy eating, focused exercise, planned relaxation, stress management and limitations on smoking.

As if to underline MesaStila’s concept as a wellness destination, sporting events are regularly held at the resort. The latest event to date was the “MesaStila Bikes to Borobudur Temple”.

For this event, which was initiated by MesaStila General Manager, Mr. Isa Ismail Rauf, the MesaStila team went on a cycling tour to Borobudur Temple on July 6, 2013. The temple is located 35 kilometres away from the resort -a 45-minute journey by car. The cycling tour was proved a challenge for most of the MesaStila team members who had never done a long-distance cycling. With determination, however, the team reached Borobudur Temple within 3 hours.

Rails to Trails Half-Marathon – MesaStila Challenge 2013

The MesaStila Challenge is a unique running-race. This year with a longer course, plus more twists and variations in terrain and running conditions: railway tracks, jungle trails, rice-paddy paths, stream crossings, steep village roads and through a jungle gym. Starting at the heritage railway station in Ambarawa, the running course follows the antique steam-train, which departs a long-while before the runners. Other than completing the tough and demanding course, runners will have the added challenge to catch the slow-moving train – if they can!

The event is open for everyone. Make a registration through