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2014 Acura TSX Sport Wagon: Family-friendly Sport Wagon

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Are you family-oriented? Need a car that’s big enough to fit your little monsters but doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet? When in doubt, go for a station wagon. Better yet, have a look at the 2014 Acura TSX Sport Wagon. Here’s what you need to know about the 2014 Acura TSX Sport Wagon, and why we think it is such an excellent choice for a family vehicle. 

Get this: The Acura TSX Sport Wagon was actually designed for Honda (of which Acura is a division), and in Europe and Japan it’s called a Honda Accord. These Honda roots show in the interior, which isn’t as cushy as most luxury cars, but the seats are very comfortable and the road visibility is good.

As any married couple will agree, there are his and hers preferences for driver’s seat orientation and the rearview mirrors. With the 2014 Acura TSX, you can restore your settings with a single button thanks to its customization memory function. Imagine no more complaining about having to readjust seat position and mirrors every time you switch with your spouse. Now that’s something of a marriage preserver right there!

You can’t get much more family-friendly than a wagon. The back seat isn’t the biggest, but it’ll lug your children everywhere from the maternity ward to graduation day, although the lower ride height means more bending to get babies into car seats than in an SUV or minivan. The sousaphone-sized cargo area offers 25.8 cubic feet of space – as much as a small SUV – and is lined with thick, hard-wearing carpets. Clearly, whoever designed this car had kids!

Handling is also a winning factor for the Acura TSX Sport Wagon – and this is where it departs from an SUV. The Acura is light and nimble and a lot of fun on curves.  

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the 2014 Acura TSX a ‘Top Safety Pick Award’, reflecting its excellent scores in front, side, rear, and roof-crush impacts. But why test impact protection when you can avoid accidents altogether? The TSX Sport Wagon excels in its ability to avoid an accident — it’s light and agile so it can stop and turn quicker than an SUV.

Acura bills itself a high-tech brand and most of the gizmos seem to be designed for the tech-savvy. Take the air conditioner, which uses a GPS to track the position of the sun and adjust the temperature on the warmer side of the car. I thought that was the coolest thing ever, but some people may prefer to set the temperature themselves. In that case, they will be more enamored with the heated seats, which are standard.

In conclusion, I believe that the TSX is one of the nicest all-round cars manufactured by Acura. The 2014 TSX Sport Wagon is spacious, safe, sophisticated and definitely not lacking in style and sportiness.