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Recent trends in the market hint that wearable technology will become the next “it” fashion item in the near future. Investors are pouring millions into gadgets—from Google Glass to phone-charging handbags—to ensure their functionality is complemented with chic looks. 

Until recently, few consumer technologies were designed to be fashion-forward. Here’s a look at several innovative companies’ ambitious attempts to make their mark in this lucrative new niche.  

Netatmo June Bracelet
The idea behind this adorable bracelet is to save your skin from wrinkling prematurely. It feeds data into an iPhone app about your exposure to the sun and calculates a UV index as well as weather forecasts for your location so you know when to bring sunscreen, shades or a hat with you. It also warns you when you need to take a break from the sun’s rays. All this can be gleaned at-a-glance with the Netatmo June Bracelet.

CSR and Cellini Bluetooth Pendant
Microchip innovator CSR recently teamed up with fashion house Cellini to create a line of Bluetooth pendants with smart LEDs that change color, vibrate or flash to alert iPhone users about incoming calls, emails or text messages. These low-power, self-contained chips could be used in a wide variety of different products in the future. 

Misfit Shine 
At first glance, Shine from Misfit Wearables looks like a locket, but it’s a cleverly designed activity tracker providing metrics for your walking, running, cycling and swimming patterns (the device is waterproof at up to 50 meters). It also tracks your sleep for a complete picture of your health. To sync it, place it on the screen of your smartphone. It works with an iOS or Android app, but your smartphone will need Bluetooth 4.0 LE support for you to take full advantage of the features. The Misfit Shine is available in grey, black, topaz, or champagne matte aluminum. 

Memi Smart Bracelet  
This Bluetooth smart bracelet discreetly alerts you to incoming calls or messages. It has no display, but there are three distinct vibration patterns. There’s a small button on the side to turn it on or off and an LED lights up when it’s on and connected to your iPhone. You can also double tap the bracelet to silence an alert. When you open the bracelet, there’s a Micro USB port for charging which is covered with a rubber seal for protection. The free complementary iPhone app allows you to customize which contacts will trigger an alert and set up reminders for appointments. It’s a simple, classic silver design with a plastic interior and rhodium-plated metal coating.

Smarty Ring  
Smartwatches may be bulky or simply not your style, but imagine a ring with an LED display that alerts you to calls, messages, and social media updates and also serves as a remote control for your smartphone. You can accept or reject calls, activate the camera and control your music. That’s definitely a myriad of features for such a small Smarty Ring. The ring also has basic features such as telling the time and can be used to track your smartphone with a beeping alert when you move more than 30 meters away from it. That means no more accidentally leaving your phone in the toilet or at the restaurant.