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Here and There, Goodness Everywhere

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Sana Sini takes us on a tantalizing culinary journey to discover the best of east and west that only the most experienced masters can offer.  

Sana Sini means “here and there” in Indonesian. The restaurant exemplifies an elevated form of the traditional all-day buffet, featuring a unique concept of “restaurants within a restaurant”. There are four main buffet counters inside, one serving Japanese cuisine, another Western, the other Indonesian and one for Chinese delicacies. The two smaller counters serve various breads and cheese while the other is dedicated to desserts. Each counter has its own open kitchen manned by several cooks-allowing you to watch the preparation-and functions as a small restaurant. This is what is meant by “restaurants within a restaurant”.  

Room dividers compartmentalize each of the dining sections. For example, in the Japanese section, you will sit near to the Japanese counter surrounded by a calming Zen ambiance featuring Japanese-style interiors and decorative ornaments, while the Chinese section is characterized by its red lanterns and warm décor. Wherever you choose to sit, you can select food from any counter. 

Sana Sini’s team of chefs is headed by Frank Ziegler, Executive Chef of Pullman Jakarta, Indonesia. Ziegler has worked with renowned chefs including legendary three Michelin star Chef Paul Haeberlin and his son Marc. Ziegler has manned kitchens in the United States, former Yugoslavia, China, Thailand and India prior to working in Indonesia. At Sana Sini, Ziegler is helped by Japanese chef Shuichi Osawa, a graduate of the School of Cooking Shinjuku Tokyo, as well as Indonesian chef HeriPurnama, to ensure the restaurant presents quality dishes every day. 

Considering the variety of food served at Sana Sini, most often several visits are required before you can say that you have tried everything. If you don’t have the stomach for a buffet, the restaurant is still a great place for dining à la carte. Sana Sini’s excellent combination of quality food, ambiance, service and good prices will keep you coming back. 

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Sana Sini Restaurant
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