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Run by food-loving Italians, Pizza Barboni dedicates its kitchen to make authentic Italian food with the highlight being the wood fire pizzas for real Italian food-craving Kemang dwellers. The varieties of pizza here are heavenly in taste, yet incredibly affordable. The restaurant is located within walking distance to Bremer beer house and Tree House.

From the menu, we’ve tried Tonno, which features tuna, red onions, tomato sauce and mozzarella toppings, which is a flavorful and creamy. We love to add more mushrooms on to it to increase the level of its goodness, and the crust, thin and smoky, airy and crispy at the bottom, yet bubbling on top, just perfect. 

Another recommended pizza is the Salame, with Italian Salami, roasted eggplant, mozzarella and tomato sauce as toppings. This one is our favorite, with additional mozzarella for ultimate goodness. 

In Barboni, these pizzas are served on a carton paper, instead of a plate and eaten without cutleries. Meanwhile, the drinks are enjoyed right from the packaging. Napkin and tissue are also not provided. This is a simple way for the restaurant to engage its customers to show some responsibilities towards the environment. There are only certain dishes such as salad which requires basic dining ware.