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Wednesday, 26 March was the 6th anniversary of HarumManis Restaurant, a great place to indulge in fine Indonesian cuisine in an ambience inspired by the traditional homes of Javanese nobles.

HarumManis celebrated with an exclusive luncheon, where the elegant and romantic setting of the restaurant was transformed into a festive Indonesian traditional market. Cherished Indonesian recipes were served by the restaurant staff wearing traditional clothes, imitating the fashion in which food is served in a traditional market. 

Certain dishes were served in traditionally decorated stations, such as the nasiingkung, a chicken-and-rice dish from Surabaya, HarumManis’ signature roasted chicken and duck rice dish, nasijamblang from Cirebon, as well as the famous nasigudek from Yogyakarta. Traditional rice porridge and sweet treats including klepon, a traditional rice cake sprinkled with grated coconut, also made the rounds. 

The theme for the event was “PasarManis” and it was attended by guests from international diplomatic corps as well as members of Indonesian high society. 

HarumManis’ Executive Chef, BeniIskabul was excited to bring forward the PasarManis concept: that is, bringing the traditional market ambience to an upscale restaurant. “It could happen only at HarumManis,” he said. “It’s a great way to serve and to preserve Indonesian traditional culinary and to provide our guests with the opportunity to enjoy food from all the different regions in Indonesia.”

The special menu featured on HarumManis’ anniversary celebration is available for order for your special occasions.