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At some point in life, we will face the challenge of finding the right paper.

Have you ever looked into a thick photography book just to find out that, as you flip through the pages, the color of papers have turned yellow instead of its normal white? Or have you ever felt bad when you look at a marketing kit of a company that sells high-end product and notice the fading colors of the folders, as well as the colors on the company profile and brochure? These experiences proved that the wrong paper will only bring disappointment. 

  Paper Gallery understands that using the right paper is paramount in order to obtain outstanding printing results for either corporate or creative purposes. Therefore, offering paper solutions as the distributor for premium paper in Indonesia, Paper Gallery will work with you to find the right paper that fits your message. You want your corporate greeting cards stain and tear-resistance? How about that particularly neat sand-like texture as the cover of your magazine? Paper Gallery stands ready to provide you valuable counsel. With the right paper and the right print finishing techniques, anything is possible.

The Paper
Paper Gallery’s imported papers are premium products from the U.S., Europe, Japan and Korea. These papers hold colors well, made from sustainable resources and available in varied choices of weight, shade and finish.  

The Service
Paper Gallery can always be expected for professional advices, on-time delivery, and full support in sample-making where clients can enjoy the benefit of making a dummy for free.

The Founder
Paper Gallery is the brainchild of BachtiarMustika, a man of vision who has helped people tap into their creative soul, to materialize even the craziest idea with the most inspiring tool, paper. 

The Award
Paper Gallery has quite an impressive portfolio in which InClover magazine is included. In January 2012, the company received Gold Asian Print Awards for “Talking Photography”, a swatch book for Paper Gallery by one of Indonesia’s most influential photographers, Jerry Aurum.