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Sumber Jaya: Expanding Creativity

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Companies grow through opportunities and willingness to push the limits. Unafraid to venture outside their comfort zone in order to make good use opportunities coming their way, there’s little wonder how Sumber Jaya expand into one of the market leaders in their business. 

 The company began in the fashion industry, focusing on custom-made fabrics, accessories and clothing applications such as embroideries, cornelly, chennille, quilting and patterned rhinestones. The laser cutting machine was first installed to support this division, but along with the clients’ demands, Sumber Jaya gradually added various machines and equipments, reaching out to interior, souvenirs, invitations, creative papers, signage, acrylic fabrication and many more.

“Our company’s strong points are high creativity and high-tech machines,” Clara Wijaya, the owner of Sumber Jaya explained. Said machines come from China, Korea, Italy and Japan, each with its own specialty, allowing the company to work with different materials, from leather to stainless steel without straining the precision and quality. 

Sumber Jaya is always open for new and unique challenges with unconventional application. The embroidery technique normally used for fabrics, for example, can also be used on papers to create more impact compared to conventional ink. The laser-cutting technique usually reserved for paper can now be used to create elaborate decorations for furniture or interior, or even large-scale outdoor architecture elements, opening up a whole new industry for the company. Their work currently adorn many restaurants, office buildings, private homes and apartments and retail stores, with individuals, contractors and furniture designers as their clients. 

Their fashion division continues provide materials for renowned international apparel brands, overseas market and fashion designers. From Rinaldy A. Yuniardi and Sebastian Gunawan to Imelda Kartini, most of these designers strive for one-of-a-kind dresses often found in couture collections and runway shows. Sumber Jaya has also been working with Tex Saverio since before he became a huge hit, mainly with laser-cut fabrics to create intricate patterns. The fashion designer remains a loyal customer as he prepares his ready-to-wear collection. 

With a creative team and extensive supporting equipment, Sumber Jaya could very well be opening their own retail store, selling knick-knacks and living accessories among others. Clara said that a store is not impossible in the future, but everything is still in the planning stage. It’s definitely an opportunity they aren’t willing to miss.