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The deliberately messy and cramped ambience (in a good way) of The 3House Rooftop Bar Kuningan serves to help the guests feel more comfortable and at home. The unique idea seems to be working, since the “alternative” hang-out venue is currently one of the liveliest in Kuningan. The overall atmosphere is akin to bars you usually see in Europe. As such, it isn’t surprising that the two young owners, Anton Massoni and Francois Heirbaut, are respectively mixed Indonesian-Italian and mixed Indonesian-Belgian. 

Located in a somewhat secluded part of Kuningan on top of several other hang-out places and one of the best futsal courts in the area, The 3House gained much of its community from sports-goers and culinary enthusiasts alike. The interior decorations of The 3House is just that: vines overgrowth here and there which you really can’t point out if they were artificial or biologic, careless racks of assorted beverages reminiscent of that tree house from your childhood, moss-textured brick interior in places, intimate wooden tables, and many more. 

The 3House offers a community-driven café/hangout spot in the mood of our times: eco-friendly, artsy and original. The menu features Italian dishes, which mainly consists of a wide variety of pasta and cheese-filled bites and snacks, as well as a selection of signature cocktails and other refreshing beverages. Most of all, the café keeps everything simple and not over-the-top, with a main focus of rustic, homemade Italian dishes. The 3House opens every day, with the exception of Monday, from 4pm to midnight (3am on weekends).


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