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No burger in this city has been so thoughtfully made as at this recently opened burger joint, Three Buns. 

Three Buns’ burgers are made based on years of research by British chef, Adam Penney. These stacks of juicy, flavorsome messiness are nothing less than unrivalled goodness. The finest Australian Brahman beef is used for the weighty patty, the hamburger bun is an artisan product and the crowd-pleasing sauces are homemade. These burgers embody Penney’s idealism of how great burgers should look and taste.  

At Three Buns, customers will enjoy the dynamic flavors of the new generation of gourmet burgers. Even the classic cheeseburger gets an overhaul: a stack of prime 150g beef patty, cheese and lettuce; slow-cooked ketchup, smoky mustard, pickled red onion and spicy paprika mayo. It’s called Baby Huey, following the nickname of James Ramey, a famous American singer in the 60s and the chef’s favorite musician.  If Ramey’s music is considered influential in the development of hip hop music in the United States, Baby Huey is a catalyst for Penney’s other mind-blowing creations. 

One of the most unusual burgers we have ever tasted is the Burning Man. This spicy, mouthwatering burger is a bold experiment with flavors, featuring prime 150g beef patty and cheese, garnished with roasted jalapeno peppers and hot ketchup that looks and tastes like Korean red chili paste called gochujang, as well as dashi mayo.

Dashi mayo is not your garden-variety burger condiment. When not mixed with mayonnaise, dashi is a signature Japanese stock that has become the heart of many familiar recipes such as miso soup, noodle soup and chawanmushi (Japanese egg custard). Made with shaved bonito and seaweed kombudashi has apparently made its way into the Western kitchen. One of the world’s top French chefs, Jean-Georges Vongerichten has been known to combine dashi with mayonnaise; so it’s interesting to see Penney adopt the technique for his burger. All in all, Burning Man is a feast of flavors with a lot of gumption underlying the concept. 

Our favorite at the Three Buns is Rambo (a sentiment echoed by many) –
a stack of superior 150g lamb patties, feta cheese, green chili, eggplant pickle and cumin aioli. The combination of flavors and the texture of the whole-wheat bun are winning factors. The Roots, a veggie burger made of seasonal vegetables, cheese fritter, coleslaw, lettuce, pickles, hot sauce and mayonnaise doesn’t taste healthy at all. 

We love most of what we tasted at Three Buns – including the ingenious bottled cocktails that complement the young and casual ambience of the restaurant. 

We’d like to congratulate Adam Penney, who has made the daring decision to leave his post helming the kitchen of one of London’s most-lauded burger restaurants, Patty & Bun, and move here to Jakarta and Singapore to work on his new venture, the Three Buns. We’ll always remember your advice to just get dirty with our burger and to never ever cut it with a knife. And whenever we want to find this place, we’ll remember to just find the dog, because Three Buns is not Three Buns without the cute dog logo that we love so much! 


photos by
Davy Linggar