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A Celebration of Meat and Fire

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Having a get-together with family and friends and gorging on meat is a long-lived tradition of South American communities. El Asador brings this tradition to Jakarta.

South America is a blessed region. Its vast, bountiful and fertile lowlands, called pampas, have provided its people with an abundance of quality beef. Meat has become a dependable food source for generations, and the open fire has been the traditional cooking technique.

The way South Americans cook meat is called asado and is exclusive to the region, where an assortment of meat cuts including short ribs, rib eye, inside skirts, flanks as well as chicken and chorizo are cooked together using a parrilla or wood fire grill. 

An asador, the person designated to man the grill, is another element required for a good asado. A skilled asador will keep the fire burning on the side of the grill with patience and diligence. No proper asador would put meat on the grill if there are still flames under it as it will only burn the outside of the meat without cooking the inside. 

The feast would start when the meat have cooked and served with a traditional South American sauce called chimichurri made of parsley, garlic, oregano, red pepper, and olive oil. 

El Asador restaurant, inspired by true Argentinean and Uruguayan cuisine, introduces this unique way of cooking and enjoying meat to Jakarta. The restaurant opened its doors in March 2013 and has since attracted loyal customers. 

Situated across from well-known AksaraKemang bookstore, El Asador will greet you with its crowd-pleasing asado, steaks as well as their delicious empanadas

Aside from the restaurant’s hearty asado, we’ve tried their tasty Grilled Chicken Caprese Quesadilla and those yummy nachos with melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese on top, as well as the unique boiled sliced beef tongue which is served cold with a Russian-style salad. We like all that. But coming here alone is not an option: bring a large group of family or friends, because goodness is supposed to be shared.

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