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An intimate night with Jakarta’s top executives, filled with cozy conversations and comforting fine food.

InClover presents the CEO Dinner, a regular event dedicated to its readers, who are engaged to learn more about the magazine within an elegant setting. The event is consistently packaged as a small, exclusive party, providing guests with a chance to mingle and learn something new.   

This time, a new group of directors, CEOs and COOs of prominent companies in Jakarta gathered with the InClover team at KahyanganTeppanyaki restaurant, a historic establishment managed by Pullman Jakarta, Indonesia, to discover a fascinating part of Japanese culinary tradition. 

Two private rooms were provided to accommodate the 12 honored guests. Along with a short presentation on sake, guests were served an impressive roster of Teppanyaki dishes by Chef MasayasuHaruyama. 

InClover would like to thank Pullman Jakarta, Indonesia for the excellent partnership as well as the generous sponsorship that made the event a success. InClover would also like to express gratitude to BNI Syariah, which has supported the magazine all this time. 

Artisan Teppanyaki
Chef MasayasuHaruyama is a man who knows how to gain the admiration of his clientele. On this special night, the chef prepared an Omakase dinner featuring a number of specially-selectedteppanyaki dishes. 

KahyanganTeppanyaki’s signature appetizer, the Creamy Pumpkin Soup sprinkled with caviar, was served first. It was followed by two choices of dishes, either Seared Foie Gras with Caramelised Pear and Balsamic Teriyaki Raspberry Sauce, or Seabass with Orange Miso Sauce. Guests cleaned their satisfied palates with the Lime Sherbet before the next mind-blowing dish arrived: the AUS Wagyu Beef M9+ Tenderloin, which was served with Ginger Mashed PotatoesRock Salt Ponzu and Wasabi. The guests continued the tantalizing journey by savoring the Ume-KatsuoYakimeshi, fried rice with katsuobushi bonito and ume Japanese pickles afterwards. Finally, the Wakame Miso Soup was served and Chef Haruyama showed his superb skills when he used flames to create the winning dessert: Banana Flambé. Consensus had it that it was a truly wonderful dinner!