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Natural whipped cream especially designed to make your time in the kitchen much easier.

It takes the right whipped cream with a good selection of raw materials to keep it real. Elle &Vire Excellence Whipping Cream’s exceptional dairy-fresh flavor comes with no hassle and makes all the difference.  

Coming from Normandy, a region known for rich pastures and best dairy products, Elle &Vire is a popular dairy brand consumed by half the population of France. The quality Norman cows raised in the local pastures contributes greatly to the milk from which Elle &Vire Excellence Whipping Cream is exclusively made, boasting great nutritional specificities that can’t be found elsewhere. Combined with unique savoir-faire with decades of experience in dairy, UHT sterilization and a constant focus on quality, it’s little wonder how it becomes the preferred choice of chefs and pastry enthusiasts alike. 

Aside from easy incorporation, Elle &Vire Excellence Whipping Cream makes cooking easier and more efficient by allowing faster whipping time and extra volume. Its richness in fat makes it perfect for mousses and ganache, adding flavor and incomparable smoothness to your drinks, dishes and desserts. The texture and consistency also makes it an excellent feature on sweets, dessert cups and plate decorations. Serve them hot or cold, Elle &Vire Excellence Whipping Cream can always be the crème de la crème to your latest kitchen exploit.