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New Twists on French Mediterranean Classics

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It’s all about celebrating a healthy lifestyle.

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Year after year, Cassis has successfully maintained its reputation as one of Jakarta’s top culinary destinations for exquisite and authentic French dining. In 2015, however, the establishment will take a slight change of direction. Cassis is set to become a European restaurant with Michelin-starred Chef Jeremy Laurent at the helm of the kitchen. We are simply thrilled by the new concept.  

The new menu is of course the highlight, featuring Laurent’s twists on French Mediterranean classics. Patrons are encouraged to enjoy the dishes with gusto without having to worry about their waistline, because Cassis is all about celebrating a healthy lifestyle. There will be less cream, lighter seasoning, more olive oil and more seafood on one’s plate. The cooking techniques revolve around the honest appreciation of ingredients in line with tradition.

A different tasting menu will be featured every month, consisting of a 7-course degustation offered at a fairly reasonable price – a great way for Cassis to make its highbrow cuisine available to a larger market. Here’s a glimpse of what you can get from the menu: The Truffle Asparagus and Crusted Yolk is an example of the chef’s creative play on comfort food that everyone will love. In order to enjoy the asparagus salad with the egg vinaigrette, one has to break the crusted egg yolk first to let the vinaigrette dressing effuse from the egg. 

Another creative dish features a smart combination of flavors of the sea with the flavors of the earth. In this dish, the scallop tastes like smoked duck and is served with sunchoke/Jerusalem artichoke puree, as well as chicken juice and Balinese peppercorn. It’s an experimental dish that puts a smile on people’s faces. 

There’s more of the chef’s signature creativity to be found in Cassis’ new menu. Don’t wait to find out. Call Cassis restaurant for more information and reservations. 

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