WanderlustOdysseyBREEZE at The Samaya: An Affair with Nature

BREEZE at The Samaya: An Affair with Nature

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Bali remains an island of mystical majesty, a place to taste the ultimate in luxury and tranquility. From verdant, terraced rice paddies to fine sandy beaches polished by the relentless crash of ocean waves, Bali remains steeped in culture and yet conducive to the modern lifestyle. This intriguing intersection of past and present informs the island’s unique charm.   

Experience the best of Bali’s panoramic views at the Breeze at The Samaya. Located in Seminyak, a suburb known for its legendary sunsets, the Breeze is built on a perfect vantage point overlooking Seminyak beach. Dine al fresco at the beachfront restaurant, where guests stand to catch sight of a falling star while looking out on the Indian Ocean. 

The Breeze at The Samaya delivers a modern menu crafted from local harvests to present the finest and freshest ingredients on the island of the gods. Food is prepared from 7am until midnight to cater to every whim of the appetite.  

The team at the Breeze takes the business of food seriously. This is more than a place just to relish the breeze; it’s a place for appreciating nature’s full resplendence.