MotionPursuitMotion Dynamics: Stretching for Solution

Motion Dynamics: Stretching for Solution

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Everyone walks, sits, pulls, and do other ordinary movements in their own different way due to a lifelong habit. But what most people are unaware of is that in the long run, this habit can affect their posture, and eventually affect their overall health as well. 

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People who spend most of their time being hunched over a computer are susceptible to diseases such as wrist and back pain that can make everything from walking to driving, hurts. Similarly, those who often carry a heavy bag on the same side of their shoulder can get uneven hips or posture-related stiffness and pain. In worsened situation, people suffering such pains often have problems performing normal functions because of their compromised mobility. 

Motion Dynamics is a postural re-education program with a systematic approach to re-habituate the body structure that has been proven helpful for people to break free from their limiting state. In Indonesia, it operates in Kemang and The Spa of The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place. 

Before given the stretch therapy treatment, Motion Dynamics instructor would first make an assessment over a person’s posture to decide what kind of treatment he or she needs. The results have been impressive. A woman who could barely walk, let alone stand-up straight, were said to have been able to run after a one-week treatment. A violinist with a slightly tilted head had his head position fixed and taught how to maintain it, despite his occupation. As the writer of this article, I’d like to share my own experience: whereas I had my hip’s position aligned in a 15 minute-treatment trial! Of course, one would need to go through at least 10 sessions to get the body used to the new posture. When people make Motion Dynamics a part of their daily routine, it will keep them supple, fit and ready for any kind of physical activity. 

More often than not, people think that exercise and sports are always good for you. Chris Watts, Asia’s pioneer in therapeutic stretching and founder of Motion Dynamics, stated that it is not always the case. At least not for those with posture-related problems, who face more challenges in attaining health  and doing physical activities. For these people, exercising at the gym or doing sport can even do them more harm than good. For these complications, Motion Dynamics can help in bringing back our body to its foundational level of alignment, flexibility and stability naturally, which ultimately lead to optimal mobility. After the posture has been corrected, we should no longer need to worry about harming ourselves and will be able to get optimum result from exercise and sport.