WanderlustOdysseyPlataran Dharmawangsa: A Renewed Indonesian Charm

Plataran Dharmawangsa: A Renewed Indonesian Charm

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With the addition of two glass rooms attached to the left and right side of its main Joglo construction;Plataran Dharmawangsa was finally reopened last year, both as a function venue as well as restaurant.

Before, PlataranDharmawangsa used to cater events only. Now its doors are open for public as a charming restaurant serving an array of tasty Indonesian and Asian-inspired cuisine prepared with its own level of finesse. One of the brains behind the creations is no other than Chef PermanaSigidprawiro, a renowned chef who previously managed three of Jakarta’s top Indonesian restaurants; KembangGoela, BungaRampai and Waroeng Kita. 

PlataranDharmawangsa proves that although challenging, preparing Indonesian food suitable for both local and foreign palates is not impossible. Within a short time after opening last year, the establishment has turned into a crowd favorite; filled with local as well as foreign patrons especially in the afternoon and during dinner hours. 

The two Joglo constructions within the PlataranDharmawangsa compound function interchangeably as either dining or function venue; giving full flexibility for clients to host private events while keeping it convenient for the restaurant’s regular patrons. So when the main Joglo is reserved for an event, for instance, the smaller-sized Joglo would function as a restaurant. Vice versa, when there’s no special event, both Joglos are open for public. The new additional glass rooms are available for private functions with small number of guests, although regularly it is used as the restaurant extension. 

The traditional Joglos, their interior, furniture and decor as well as the surrounding greeneries have been harmoniously incorporated, creating a charming and tranquil environment where guests can linger for hours, engaging in stimulating conversation while enjoying good food and delicious drinks. 

Although most of PlataranDharmawangsa’s menu is available à la carte, one can try the one of a kind Rijsttafel experience, a unique method of food presentation where the dishes are served to your table in sequence, from appetizer to dessert. Contact PlataranDharmawangsa for more information and reservation. 

Plataran Dharmawangsa
Jl. Dharmawangsa Raya No. 6, KebayoranBaru, Jakarta Selatan 12160
+62 21 290 44 167