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Oxygen Rejuvenation at OxyLUXE

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The Spa at Hotel Gran Mahakam offers an innovative way to stay healthy and ageless. 

If you have been using the gym at Hotel Gran Mahakam, you might have noticed a small room on the side. Peek inside and you will see that it houses a massive, high-tech chamber.  

OxyLUXE is a rejuvenating, 45-minute treatment using 100 percent pure oxygen. All you need to do is step into a stylish air pressure chamber and let the staff put the oxygen mask on you. There are two comfortable reclining seats inside, in case you bring a companion. Basically, the chamber simulates diving into the sea or ascending towards the sky. The air pressure in the chamber is increased little by little until a certain point. You may experience ear popping and lightheadedness, but the staff will always ensure your comfort from the outside and you can contact them anytime during the treatment through a phone in the chamber. Once your body adjusts, you will begin to feel relaxed, even sleepy. Combine it with a foot reflexology treatment beforehand for the ultimate relaxation. 

What actually happens inside is the high air pressure encourages your lungs to take in more oxygen than they normally would. The pure oxygen you inhale through the mask is beneficial to your health and your looks by boosting the oxygen level inside your body, increasing endurance and the body’s natural antibiotics, relieving depression and headaches, improving quality of sleep, eliminating acne and rejuvenating the skin, increasing physical stamina and producing more collagen to make your skin firmer and fresher. In short, it makes you fit and ageless.

The safety and benefits of the treatment have been widely proven abroad and are mainly used to expedite healing for patients with certain afflictions. The oxygen machine at the Spa at Gran Mahakam is regularly checked and adjusted by a doctor. Call ahead to book and consult before you come in for a treatment. 

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