WanderlustOdysseyNyaman Villas Bali: A Getaway Par Excellence

Nyaman Villas Bali: A Getaway Par Excellence

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Life in a bustling city is often taxing. Your agenda is packed, the air pollution from vehicle exhausts sullies your skin and health, and you are always on the go. Given the demands of urban life, people look forward to the holidays like a light at the end of a tunnel. If you’re one of the big city guys trying to untie the knot for all the same issue, time for you to book a ticket on your travel agent and head for one of the paradise island in the world; the land of Bali. Having escaped from your big city boredom of crowded life, you will surely find serenity in one of Bali’s most astounding retreat, the Nyaman Villas by Nyaman Group.

If you’re a stressed-out city slicker, it’s time for you to book a ticket and head to paradise island, Bali, where you can find serenity in one of the island’s most impressive retreats, the Nyaman Villas by the Nyaman Group.

Built in the famous Seminyak area, the property was designed by Stephan Rémini, a well-established interior architect, and offers a dual experience of luxury accommodation and epicurean bliss. The Nyaman Villas are a sanctuary consisting of two 2-bedroom villas and four 4-bedroom villas. Featuring a contemporary design, each villa has its own private garden to keep you at one with nature. 

For larger groups, the Villa Chocolat comprises two, five and six-bedroom villas. Each villa is staffed by a leisure concierge and butler to ensure your stay is a first-class getaway. 

People travel for various reasons but their desires are quite the same: to enjoy peace of mind during their jaunts and return home with a trove of new memories. While Bali provides the indelible memories, staying at Nyaman Villas will certainly guarantee the former.