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Rainforests of the Sea

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In the waters of ParigiMoutong, there are bountiful new reefs to discover.

In Tomini Bay, about 67 kilometres North from Palu, Central Sulawesi, lies a dive haven, the ParigiMoutong. This key scuba diving destination is said to be the last frontier of Sulawesi, with waters that have been scarcely charted compared with its neighbors, the Gorontalo and Togian Islands. Here, the health of the hard corals is outstanding as they come in varied forms, sizes and colors, earning the title “rainforests of the sea”. Diving in Parigi waters opens the possibility for divers to discover new reefs with giant coral formations, unique topographical seascape exploration as well as a plethora of fish and sea creatures. 

Tomini Bay
Tomini Bay, where ParigiMoutong is situated, has an area of 1,031 hectares of coral reef, which is arguably the largest reef in the world. The waters in this area are home to at least 596 fish species as well as 555 mollusk species and 336 gastropod species, which make for dazzling underwater scenery. Among the inhabitants of Tomini Bay, there are six species of dolphins, two species of whales as well as whale sharks. An encounter with them can elevate one’s underwater exploration to a whole new level. 

Breathtaking Diving Spots
Marantale, Ampibabo and Toboli are among the various dive spots to go to in ParigiMoutong. In Marantale for instance, a diver can encounter tube sponges and Salvador Dali sponges – some of which reach a gargantuan size of over two meters in length. Seeing as Tomini Bay is over 4,000 meters deep, on certain occasions you can spot cetaceans in the water, including the huge Byrde’s whale, false killer whale, and pods of Risso’s dolphins. 

The signature beauty of Tomini Bay that has enchanted many divers is its dramatic underwater landscape featuring vertical walls, caverns and overhangs that give divers an eerily picturesque but safe underwater experience. At night, macro lovers can hunt for seahorse, nudies and ghost pipefish among other small marine creatures that feed in the dark. 

≈ Where to Stay: 
Parigi Moutong Equator Dive Resort
When it comes to underwater exploration in the waters of ParigiMoutong, trust the local experts to guide you to the most beautiful underwater scenes, which not many divers have witnessed before. The resort provides accommodation, great insight into the area, as well as irresistible diving packages for you to choose from. DesaTandaigi, Kecamatan Siniu Parigi, Central Sulawesi
≈ How to Get There:
There are various airlines serving flights to Mutiara Airport from Jakarta to Palu, Central Sulawesi, including Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air, among others. 

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Kei Yanti, ParigiMoutong Equator Dive Resort