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Maserati Ghibli: An Investment of Heart and Soul

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“To build an ultra-luxury performance automobile with timeless Italian style, accommodating bespoke interiors and effortless, signature-sounding power.” – Maserati mission statement.   

It was 1914, and the five Maserati brothers – Alferi, Bindo, Carlo, Ettore, and Ernesto – were working tirelessly in their little garage to build the ultimate car that would be on the cutting-edge of innovation and excellence.  Their first model was a 2-litre Grand Prix car for the Diatto team, but the brothers eventually crafted their own signature car in 1926 after Diatto suspended the production of racecars. With the Ghibli, one of Maserati’s V8 grand tourers that came out in 1966, the Italian brand perfected its unique driving experience with a new approach in engine technology.” The name ‘Ghibli’ was derived from a Libyan term for the hot and dry southwestern winds of the desert Sirocco, and the automobile is the latest in Maserati’s lineup of executive sport saloons. Joining the ranks of the E segment, the Maserati Ghibli combines superior design, top-notch vehicle quality and reliable performance.   

The basic Ghibli model utilizes an efficient 330 bhp, gaining a top speed of 263kph and accelerating from naught to 100kph in 5.6 seconds. The breakneck numbers are generated by a 3.0 litre V6 petrol engine. The faster version, the Ghibli S model, comes with a 3.0 liter V6 engine, equipped with a Twin Turbocharger and 8-speed zF Automatic Transmission. Dealing a speed burst of 410 bhp, the Ghibli S will go from naught to 100 kph in 5.0 seconds and reaches top speeds of 285kph. However, with the fuel crisis looming, Maserati tinkered with its turbocharged 3.0 diesel engine to offer more a efficient cruising experience in the Ghibli Diesel, which runs at 217bhp. 

Judging from its outer appearance, the Maserati Ghibli doesn’t stray far from its predecessor, the Quattroporte. The Ghibli appeals to the eye from front to back just the way Italian cars are supposed to: with a bold bumper and sharp headlights, a curved grille embellished with the notable trident logo and a slightly arrow-shaped, low-slung front end for optimal aerodynamics. 

The rear end pleases both the ears and eyes with its sporty look and dual exhaust system. Interior-wise, key elements such as the Maserati Touch Control 8.4” and Poltrona Frau® leather upholstery consummate the luxury experience. 

What Maserati has built here is not just a car: It’s based on a heritage of passion and a superlative driving experience.  


Aditya Purwanto
Aditya Purwanto
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