WanderlustSavorDrinking in the Coastal Breeze at Blankenberge

Drinking in the Coastal Breeze at Blankenberge

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Small yet charming, this quaint town is a favorite seaside destination in Belgium. 

01. Kerkstraat is the center of activity in Blankenberge. It’s where people gather and where the best restaurants and stores are concentrated. The tram passes through the area and the train stops right next to the road.  

02. Along the coastline all the way from Panne to Knokke, near the borders of the Holland and the France respectively, the tram operates throughout the day. A day ticket allows for unlimited travel, perfect for a one-day sightseeing excursion.

03. Built by sculptor Guillaume Charlier Brussels, the monument depicts Lieutenant Lippens& Sergeant De Bruyne, two soldiers who died heroically during a revolt against the slave trade in Congo.

04. A trip to Belgium wouldn’t be complete without chocolate. There are a lot of chocolate shops offering various flavors and shapes, but the seashell shape seems to be the most popular in this coastal town.

05. Among the many establishments along the Zeedijk coastal area, which are patronized by people of all ages, this one stands out. It’s called Nusa Dua Beach, just like the famous beach in Bali, Indonesia. One has to wonder whether the owner is an Indonesian or a Belgian who has had a deep impression of Bali.

06. Apart from religious functions, the St. Rochus Church is often used as a venue for choir and orchestral performances. The building itself is picturesque, featuring predominantly Romanesque Revival elements.  

07. Biking is popular in this town. It’s an easy way to get around and many hotels rent out bikes. For a challenge, pedal your way down the special trail along the coastline between De Panne and Knokke. 

08. At the corner of Patio Flammand is a clock tower rising above what seems to be an official building. Now and then some spectators gather near the portrait artist across the building, looking over the sketches or watching the artist in action.

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Kiky Y. Basuki