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Art on the Tabletop

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Sometimes it’s how you serve that makes all the difference. 

Made from polished aluminum, the traditional mocha facets of the Ossidiana espresso coffee maker are reminiscent of cut stone. Designer Mario Trimarchi was indeed inspired by the creative process of sculpture, eliminating the superfluous scales of aluminum from a cylindrical volume to arrive at a coffee maker that is like an architectural sculpture. The black thermoplastic resin handle echoes the faceted design of the coffee pot, a feature that makes it ergonomic and functional. It comes in three sizes with a unique hexagonal packaging.

Anna G
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Anna G. corkscrew, one of the most iconic objects in the Alessi catalogue, Alessandro Mendini has designed two new screen printed “masks” with a tribal design for the corkscrew. The white “dress” version is paired with a brushed brass mask while the red “dress” is adorned with a white varnished brass mask. Even when not in use, they serve as art pieces in their own right as small yet statement-making tabletop sculptures.

Twist Again
Designer OdileDecq describes the Twist Again fruit holder as a dance around fruit; the skirt flaps around everywhere while the fruit remains inside. It’s a tribute to movement that translates into the dynamic and flowing design that captures attention from every angle. The fruit holder is created from one piece of sheet metal, cut and folded to create a vortex of lines and surfaces that spread out from the centre. Available in mirror-polished stainless steel and Super Black finish colored steel.

Featuring individually painted coffee cups embellished with hand engravings as well as gold and silver leaf, the Arusha collection is one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Representing the craftsmanship of London artists, renowned jewelry designer Gail Klevan created three distinct façades, each within a particular color palette and with a shimmering, ever-changing iridescence. The signature design by Deviehl features a conical-shaped cup that fits into a profiled base to reduce spillage, ideal for use on yachts or jets. It comes with advanced insulation technology to keep your beverage warm and enhance the coffee drinking experience.

Turn up the wattage on your hors d’oeuvres – they’re more than mere preamble to the night’s chef d’oeuvre. The slide serving tray is a modern and sleek addition to your tabletop, creating a striking impression for any food presentation. Its best feature is the sliding removable quartz top for a variety of serving options. Available in birch with white quartz or walnut with black quartz. It’s also easy to clean, complementing its aesthetic and functionality with practicality.