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Celebrating the Spirit of Indonesia

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InClover CEO Dinner connects the leading minds of today in a relaxed atmosphere; full of warmth and delightful conversations.

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Inspired by traditional Indonesian collectivist culture that values relationship and togetherness, this time our CEO Dinner was held at the Plataran Dharmawangsa restaurant, a place with strong Indonesian traditional character and vibe; attended by fellow business leaders for an evening of elegant Indonesian dining in a laidback atmosphere. Joining us were fifteen Directors, CEOs, and Business Owners casually socializing amidst the free flow of wine from Sababay that truly enlivened the night; encouraging warm and friendly conversations. Fifteen talented people shared moments in good spirits as they mingle for personal and business networking under the golden shades of PlataranDharmawangsa’s chic and traditional setting.  

♦ Dewi Makes
Owner of Plataran Group & Patio
Dewi is the mind behind the establishment of the well-known Plataran Indonesia group of hotel and resorts. With Plataran’s beautiful properties spread throughout Java, Bali, Flores and Sumba; this active business woman has to travel a lot in order to maintain and expand her business; something that she loves to do because of her love for traveling. 

♦ Anandita Makes
CEO of Plataran Group & Patio
Raised in a wealthy family and having a successful mother never slows Dita down. On the contrary, Dita seems to inherit her mother’s hardworking nature that makes her highly energetic, ambitious and always organized. Under her leadership, Patio restaurant that just opened in November last year has enjoyed a steady flow of incoming guests, and the number keeps crawling up.

♦ Mulyati Gozali
Founder of Sababay Winery
A passionate entrepreneur, MulyatiGozali do not see any reason why Indonesia can’t be the leader among quality wine producers in Southeast Asia. She founded Sababay Winery; truly believing that local products should enjoy popularity in the Indonesian market. Together with local grape growers in Bali, Mulyati established a concept of integrated farming that has economic, ecological, as well as social culture values. 

♦ Evy Gozali
CEO of Sababay Winery
As the CEO of Sababay Winery, Evy has been the face of Sababay since 2009. This daughter of MulyatiGozali is perhaps the one single-handedly responsible for the growing popularity of the brand. Evy fits her role well at Sababay with her passion in community improvements, which is what Sababay does through their business. 

♦ Ira Arifin
Vice Corp. DOSM of Plataran Indonesia Hotels & Resorts
An individual with very warm and friendly personality, Ira is the Vice Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing of Plataran Indonesia group of hotel and resorts. With more than 10 years experience in the hospitality industry, Ira is determined to help Plataran sets the bar higher for other players in the hospitality business in Indonesia.

♦ Widyadarma Abisetiawan
CEO of Xintesa and BOD of PT Djujisam
As one of the BOD of
PT Djujisam, a company that owns this magazine, and also the founder and CEO of a digital agency company named Xintesa, Wima –as how he’s called in his circles- is a man of vision. Although majored in architecture, Wima’s multi-interest has taken him thriving different fields in his entrepreneurship endeavors. 

♦ Tuti Mochtar
President Director of PT Santino Indonesia Coffee
The life of TutiMochtar resolves around coffee. Her desire to develop and promote Indonesian coffee is unlimited. When not working in her office as the President Director of Santino Coffee, Tuti can be found in the judge panel in numerous national and international barista competitions and is one of the founders of the Asean Coffee Federation. 

♦ Wendy Kusumowidagdo
Senior Consultant of Outwardbound Indonesia
In her role as a Senior Consultant of Outward Bound Indonesia, a global organization in HR training and development, Wendy directs and oversees the Sales and Marketing division. In her role as a Coach for the organization, she works with individuals to help them discover their potential in order to enhance their personal and professional lives. 

♦ Sri H. Rahayu
Managing Partner of Rahayuandpartners, Lawfirm
Throughout her career, Rahayu has been practicing law and working with prominent law firms, advising domestic and international clients on a wide range of banking and finance matters. This accomplished lawyer has quite the impressive resume and outstanding achievements. She established Rahayu& Partners in September 2005 and currently assumes the position of Managing Partner. 

♦ Rendyadi Amnar Harahap
Managing Director of Describe Indonesia, Travel Website
This young visionary is the Director of PT Ertri Indonesia and the founder of DescribeIndonesia, a bilingual online media portal that aims to promote Indonesia to the world, especially from the tourism side. Rendy is a man that isn’t afraid to aim high; especially with his international work experience and award as Best Engineer from his previous employment in Tokyo. 

♦ WulanSusanti
Director of Artomoro Interiors Design
Wulan started her venture in interior design since 2001; producing local fabrics for European market where her products were used in fashion as well as for interior purposes. Artomoro Interior Furnishing and Design grew as a business, and soon after a retail showroom was opened in Kemang area, providing one stop solution for interior furnishing and design. 

♦ Cipry Chandra
CEO of Jewels of Eden
Cipry founded Jewels of Eden, a retail company for imported artificial jewelry, back in 2005. Last year he became the CEO and Marketing Advisor of D&C Jewelry, also a retail company but for imported diamond and pearl jewelry. Loves to stay busy, Cipry assumed another position as Marketing Director of Udang KSP Permai, a shrimp breeding and broodstock supply company. He still runs the three companies.  

♦ Risti Brophy
Indonesia Media Director of Petrie PR Agency
Born in Yogyakarta and grew up in Europe, Risti has lived a fascinating life adorned with diverse achievements in different fields of work. With her strong people skills and excellent communication skills, Risti has successfully built an extensive network of contacts in Indonesia. Today she works as the Media Director Indonesia for an international PR company, Petrie PR.

♦ Juniar Mahameru
GM of iBHasanah Card BNI Syariah
The GM of iBHasanah Card BNI Syariah is a leader with prolific achievements and outstanding professional experience. For the promotion of iBHasanah Card BNI Syariah, Meru has supervised and organized hundreds of events and activities affecting numerous communities and forged alliances with important media.

♦ Fransisca Restiawardani
Managing Editor of InClover Magazine
Representing InClover Magazine, Resti has been in the media industry for over 10 years and have spent the last two years establishing the unique InClover brand within local and international lifestyle market.

♦ DiahMustikawati (Ika)
DOSM of InClover Magazine
An experienced sales and marketing person, Ika has worked her way up in the Indonesian media industry for over 15 years. She is one of the brains behind the unique concept of InClover magazine; a motivational leader who have made it possible for the magazine to be in its prestigious positioning today.

We were served PlataranDharmawangsa’s signature Asian-inspired dishes –most of which looked like the usual Indonesian dishes but with touches of unexpected creativities and foreign influences here in there.

The Mix Brinjal Chips came first, served as Appetizer and made of crispy slices of aubergine and bitter gourd with chili, garlic and chicken floss. We enjoyed this dish with SababayMoscatod’Bali, a very refreshing wine with sweet, crisp taste to balance the savory taste of the dish.

Followed after was the Lemburi Salad Mangga which was made of crunchy soft shell crab with mango, pomelo, coriander, carrot slaw and shallot in sweet spicy dressing. The dish whetted our appetite with its freshness. 

The OyongTelurPuyuh, a traditional home-cooked silky gourd soup was served next; a truly comforting, delicious and nutritious dish made of Chinese okra, quail egg, fish meat ball, chicken, shimeji mushroom and ginger. 

The elegant dining that we enjoyed that night was part of the Rijsttafel or the “Rice Table” style where large variety of dishes are served onto the table in sequence from appetizers to desserts. Rijsttafel was first invented to celebrate the Indonesian traditional way of eating where the rice is mixed with other cooked food just before consuming. So during dinner, waiters would come to our table, bearing rice or another individual dish and helped us by filling our plate with rice and other side dishes; putting them on or around the rice. The whole event focuses on balancing and contrasting the food texture and flavors.

The Main Course consisted of nine dishes, and the serving started with white steamed rice. Waiters spooned the rice to our plates before adding the OrakArik Pare Ayam, a delicious bitter gourd dish stir fried with chicken and bean sprout. Other dishes were quickly added to our plates as well, including KangkungBelacan (spicy sautéed water spinach with shrimp paste, ginger, shallot and garlic); Red Duck Curry (chunks of tender duck simmered in a homemade red curry sauce with apple, eggplant and served with Mangosteen); and AyamPanggang Aroma (roasted chicken served with crackers and pickles). Dish after dish was added bit by bit, including the GurameKremes; made of carp fillet deep fried with egg mixture; UdangGandum or spicy buttered oatmeal prawn; and the crisp DendengBatokok or air-dried beef spiced with traditional West Sumatran relish. The TahuTelorAsin, made of diced organic tofu toasted with salty egg and curry leaves, became the bridge to dessert. All of these dishes were enjoyed with Sababay Black Velvet, a tasty wine with brilliant dark ruby red tones, and spicy fruity flavors with a hit of nutmeg; as well as Sababay White Velvet, a fresh and zesty wine with melon and star fruit aroma suitable to accompany fish dishes. 

The dessert consisted of three outstanding treats including the sweet Tape Bakar (caramelized fermented cassava served with syrup); OndeOnde (Stuffed glutinous rice ball coated with sesame seeds filled with red bean paste); and Mix Fruit Platter (Freshly sliced tropical fruits including Mango, watermelon, honeydew, star fruit, orange and passion fruit). 

InClover would like to thank Plataran Dharmawangsa and Sababay Winery for supporting us with the successful event. 

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