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Adding Flavor to Savor

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Elle &Vire Excellence Cooking Cream helps you create delicious dishes with ease while saving time in the kitchen.

When it comes to cooking, professional chefs value taste above all and will use only the high-quality ingredients. But even the best ingredients need to be prepared properly or else they may fail to impress. A good cooking cream can be that important factor that decides whether a dish rise or fall. Find out how Elle &Vire Excellence Cooking Cream can meet the demands of top chefs. 

Stemming from Normandy dairy expertise and the historic and unique know-how, the cream always comes with the consistent quality of Elle &Vire products. The quality of the milk naturally plays an essential role, and it has always been selected with the utmost care. The cream itself has three times less fat than oil while providing the multiple nutritional qualities of milk such as calcium, vitamins A, D, E and K as well as essential fatty acids.

Its quick cooking time and low reduction rate not only spares you from dwelling in the kitchen for too long, but also preserves the essence and nutritional properties of the most fragile ingredients. Rich in fats, it guarantees optimum expression of the most subtle aromas and tastes, allowing none of the little details in your dish go to waste. 

The rich texture and unique flavor of Elle &Vire Excellence Cooking Cream is ideal for savory and bound sauces or gratins. Imagine a perfectly marinated chicken breast or a cream sauce that will make your risotto or fettuccini hard to forget. Your recipe book may soon grow thicker as you easily expand the possibilities of what you can serve on the dining table.