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La Femme de Fleurs

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Mien Uno and LilieTanmizi ll Anita Asmaya Sanin ll Kataline Darmono and Kelly Setiadikurnia ll Iim Fahima and Willarvati

A coruscation of beautiful batik worn by beautiful women graced the Annual Batik Show by Alleira collection held at Mulia Hotel Jakarta on October 15. The show featured the theme ‘La Femme de Fleurs’ in homage to the variety of shapes and colors of flowers that were translated into an elegant batik fashion collection. First to be presented was the women’s collection, with a bonus children’s collection presented exclusively to Alleira’s VIP guests.  

Valentina  Winata and Suyani Widjaja ll Delphine and Lisa Mihardja ll Lilie Tanmizi , Jessica Suradinata and Linda Tan