WanderlustOdysseyThe Samaya and The Kayana Bali: A Serenade of Tropical Nirvana

The Samaya and The Kayana Bali: A Serenade of Tropical Nirvana

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To speak about Bali, means to evoke the thoughts of living in a tropical paradise where all of your whims and desires come to life. A landscape of dynamic reciprocal interaction between the inhabitants of the island and the panoramic view of beach and endless greenery, this island is also world renowned for developed arts of paintings, sculpture, and not to mention traditional and modern dance that will sway you away in delight. 

Blessed with all the magnificent bunch, The Samaya and the Kayana are two properties under Samaya brand designated to optimize the potential beauty of Bali into private, serene, and lavish resorts located right in the most stunning geographical backdrop of the island.

The SamayaSeminyak
Looking out to the vast ocean and getting overwhelmed by its depth may as well be the bridge to your inner reflection. The SamayaSeminyak knows everything about this. Settled right at the beachfront, this sanctuary lets you feel the sensation of soothing sea breeze kissing your skin. Each villa offers its own full-size private swimming pool and a fashionable and modern interior flawlessly designed to let you wander around this oasis of refinement. Outside your private villa, the Samaya trademark lagoon is connected to The Brasserie and the private gym facilities where you can refresh your body, getting you all recharged to explore the sight, sound, and life all around Bali.

The SamayaUbud
As an extension to the SamayaSeminyak, staying at this marvelous property set in the Ayung valley will allow you to wake up in comfort of tranquility and peace amid the terraced rice fields and flourishing hillsides. Nineteen spacious villas have been designed with modern minimalist sentience fit for dynamic urban individuals looking for privacy and comfort. To accompany the extravagant stay, the Swept Away restaurant set upon the Ayung River will serve you eclectic dishes with taste that will linger even after the stay is over. In-villa spa treatment is also available to get your body and mind rejuvenated to conquer Bali’s cultural and artistic capital of Ubud.

The KayanaSeminyak
Having been established for not more than 10 years, has already earned the KayanaSeminyak a highly reputable name in the hospitality industry for quality accommodation at reasonable rates. The breeze of flanked frangipani and tropical gardens surrounding the villas will stroke you lightly in endearing manner during your few days break from the everyday routine. A team of on-call dedicated butlers is ready to serve your personal requests to assure a quality of unique vacation experience to bring back home. Enjoy comfy dining of your favorite menu from an extensive list of local specialties as well as international selection. If you feel like having more private and calm dining, opt for in-villa dining arranged by your personal butler service.

Make the most of your Bali experience and take delight in staying at one of the Samaya properties. Listen to the serenade of harmony between your mind and soul with the nature of tropical nirvana of Bali.