MotionInsightCould Shopping and Charity Befriend?

Could Shopping and Charity Befriend?

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Shopaholic! Is it you? Or perhaps just reading the word reminds you of someone you know or a family member? Else, you might feel that you would never be someone who is really into shopping? Well, most of us shop and some of us shop a lot, be it for daily needs, special occasions, or just for fun. Certain budget spared, with certain allotments per month, so long it does not exceed the limit of our magic card(s)!

But apart from our nature to be consumptive, we humans are inherently granted with the spirit to give, share, and care. Yes, this is an area where the charity value resides upon us. Less fortunate relatives, or people you barely know may cross your path on busy Jakarta or Singapore streets every day. Naturally, we would rarely relate shopping and charity. It seems that these two clearly have different base. Or do they?

In case we are not aware, a relieving news has been all around us. Sociobusiness, is a very interesting concept which sums up commercial and social aspect. Wrapped in idealism, some people have decided to dedicate themselves to become sociopreneurs. As a business with strong social platform, the people behind it must be smart enough to recognize social issues, offer implementable solutions, convince others and spread the underlying values to them, and surely make profits from the running business.

This niche type of business is still in growth. As the 2006 Noble Peace Price receiver, Muhammad Yunus, said, “When poverty and social injustice rise, sociopreneurship is the answer.” To reduce unemployment rate and support empowerment for scattered resources amongst us are two destinations to reach by steering this kind of business wheel. Somehow, our social consciousness must be tickled by now.

At this very moment, we are blessed by having choices of where to shop, where to give donation to, or even better, both! Special for fashion lovers, let’s gladly embrace a brand which offers shopping and performing charity at once, like EASTmayya, an Indonesian label providing fashion items from accessories, daily wears, party wears, to bridal gowns.

Everytime we buy accessories from EASTmayya, we will help physically challenged ladies to continue creating pretty brooches as one of their bread-making activities, a young lady to keep handcrafting beautiful bracelets in order to play role as her family backbone, or  a young housewife to earn money by making handmade artsy pieces and also give trainings (both free and with a fee) so that other women could also be more mentally and financially independent. 

When you buy fashion items or use design and tailoring service from EASTmayya, some of the money would be allocated to run various social projects. This brand is an active baby. Turned one last May 15, 2015, EASTmayya has managed four giveback programs in a shelter for orphans and less fortunate teens in East Jakarta. Along with their EMdearestfriends, they facilitated basic tailoring, health, and English skill trainings for the teenagers. For their MAYversary, they collaborated with even more parties and brought the teens out to have fun in Kidzania, Jakarta. On top of that, EASTmayya is making an effort to be an ecofriendly fashion business by engaging nine other fashionpreneurs to collect scrap fabrics to be upcycled into printing tags and brochures, with a reminder to reuse them as bookmarks, applying the principles of Reduce and Reuse.

The brand was born by heart as a project of love to feed our fashion and charity spirit. With its tagline; #PURCHASINGmeansDONATING—which can be easily searched on Instagram— it seems that budget for shopping and charity will not be conflicting anymore. Isn’t it a pleasant experience to buy things then automatically donate money? There are some more examples of sociopreneurship in different fields to accomodate both business and social aspect. EASTmayya is one of the few focusing on fashion industry.

Now, let us sit, relax, and contemplate. We own the purchasing power, we know that the problems exist, and we also have the freedom to act. Fashionistas with spacious heart surely want to take part this time. To prove that shopping and charity could really befriend, it is now our privilege. 

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