WanderlustSavorTorbreck Wine Dine at The Peak Resort Dining Bandung

Torbreck Wine Dine at The Peak Resort Dining Bandung

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In many societies, wine has a long history of being a staple addition to the dinner table. Its evolution has progressed along with the course of culinary traditions, making wine and food a delighting twist of art and taste—a true combination no one can resist.

Being one of the largest wine distributors in Indonesia, the Peak Connoisseurs Bandung, once again held a wine dinner reception on March 11th 2015. As the first wine pairing event in 2015, the Peak Resort Dining as the host of this delighting event bestowed the fete upon a renowned line in the wine industry; the Torbreck wine of Barossa Valley. Just two decades after its establishment in 1994, the Australian winery has been critically acclaimed as one of the world’s top 100 wine estates by Robert Parker, an influential U.S wine critic.

Andrew Tierney, Torbreck’s Sales and Export Director, who proudly introduced the wine to the guests, hosted this ultimate wine dinner. As the opening special, to accompany the Hors d’oeuvres platter was the Torbreck Woodcutters Semillion 2010, a medium bodied wine with a fresh and delicate tone, just about the right amount to begin the night with. The next of the line was Torbreck Cuvee Juveniles 2010 paired with Wild Aragula and Mushroom Salad. All of the guests seemed to enjoy the appetizer served while on the background the home band was keenly tuning on the Beatles to light up the atmosphere.

The following dish was Pottage Broccoli Soup paired with Torbreck the Steading 2009. Such warm scrumptious cream soup mixed with a medium deep wine of rich and elegant palate that sparked a delightful vibe amid the cold breeze of Bandung.

Not too long after, Torbreck Descendant 2007 was poured gently to our glasses. All the guests were seemingly holding their breath while taking a sip on the black/purple wine with magenta hues that already impressed us with its vibrant color. It was a full-bodied wine with an impeccable taste, giving a balanced sensation of lingering warmth. The wine was paired with premium grilled tenderloin dressed in Soyu Mushroom Gravy Sauce that devoted a pleasing finish of the real deal. To top it all, Torbreck Runrig 2007 was served to team up with the creamy Chocolate Cup Cake.

Approximately 40 guests attended the event, all cheered and lit up to the beat of the night. Among the guests were Bandung’s most accomplished entrepreneurs, such as Deddy Wijaya, Ade Chandra, and also guests from Lamborghini Club Bandung. Not to mention Eddy Sugiri as the owner of The Peak Resort Dining and the Peak Connoisseurs was also present to offer the guests a warm embrace himself.

From salad and soup to salmon and premium tenderloin, polished off with chocolate cupcake, the Peak Resort Dining had successfully paired some of its best food formulas with some of Torbreck’s finest collections of delectable wines.
It was a cloudy evening as the rain fell gently in fine, mist-like drops throughout the night. But all elements of the event were assembled into one piece of solid and intense experience, leaving behind an ardent and sweet flavor that lingered on.

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