WanderlustOdysseyMalang – Batu: The Perfect Marriage between Fun and Nature

Malang – Batu: The Perfect Marriage between Fun and Nature

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Only around half an hour apart, the two cities are match made in heaven, providing everything for everyone.

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With a variety of amusement parks, natural beauty and adventurous activities, the cities of Malang and Batu are becoming the new favorite destinations for families. With an airport to fly into and surrounded by myriads of destinations, Malang can be your base for exploration.

Starting with water recreations, Balekambang Beach is only thirty minutes away from Bantur, offering nearly two kilometers stretch of white sand and waves. Similar to Tanah Lot, there is a Pura Jati Amarta Ismoyo on an island about 70 meters from the shores, connected by a bridge. There are a number of additional facilities to enjoy, including flying fox during the weekends and affordable lodging options.

Another unspoiled spot worth a visit is the Karangsuko Village, a natural spring and bath attraction run by local villagers. You will pass by rice fields and descend the stairs to reach a reservoir where some people swim in—although it is not yet the main area. You still have to pass a steep, downhill pathway to get to the center, but you’ll know it’s worth the trip once you’ve reached your destination. You will hear the sounds of excited visitors and soon the sight of a small waterfall, from which water flows towards a small river and visitors take advantage by using swimming tubes to float along the stream. The gentle water flow makes it particularly popular with the children.

From Malang, Batu is easily reachable through a main road filled with restaurants and cafes on both its sides and because of its small size, navigating your way around wouldn’t require much effort. Those who prefer a more adventurous activity can drive to the Banyak Mountain and try paragliding. It’s already a feast to your eyes when you reach the top of the mountain, from where you can see the villages, hills and forest surrounding the city. There are a lot of visitors who only come for the view, but you will also see some who are already geared up for the flight. The normal fee includes tandem flight, insurance, certificate and a motorcycle ride back to the top. Naturally, paragliding relies heavily on the right wind direction and the weather, and there’s a chance you might not even get to fly. But if you’re lucky, get ready for an unforgettable experience of gliding down above the magnificent view. 

Some of the main attractions of Batu are located in the same area, including Museum Angkut or Transport Museum, Jawa Timur Park 1 & 2 and Eco Green Park. Planning on visiting more than one throughout your trip? Don’t miss out on the combo tickets.

The Transport Museum is rather new, but is quickly rising as the star attraction. Automobile enthusiasts will spend many hours admiring the hundreds of collection, but even casual visitors can appreciate the museum, especially with the way it’s laid out. It may not look that big from the outside, but as you get in, there are nine themed zones including Las Vegas, Hollywood, Europe, Sunda Kelapa & Batavia and Buckingham Palace, each superbly decorated and filled with historical, highly valued automobiles from all over the world. Exploring the museum almost feels like a trip around the globe.

There are different types of activities you can enjoy in Jawa Timur Park 1 & 2 and Eco Green Park; The Jawa Timur Park 1 is heavier on the recreational side which features a massive swimming pool and amusement rides, while the second Jawa Timur Park is more of a hands-on educational park. The latter is very popular for its animal museum, zoo with natural habitats and the interactive attractions such as a walk among the free-roaming birds, water track obstacle course, eco science centre and up close encounters with farm animals.  

A quick drive from the area will take you to Batu Night Spectacular, a night time amusement park that gives a funfair vibe with dozens of attractions such as the haunted house, souvenir market, 4D cinema, go-kart and roller coaster ride among others, but the most popular one for photo spots is the lampion garden, which will brighten up your night quite literally. Don’t expect normal lampions, here you will see many shapes and themes. You can even interact closely with some lampions, such as hopping into the chariot and standing in the middle of a huge lotus lampion. In the centre of the area is a lake with floating lampions, a beautiful sight to enjoy while enjoying a hot drink. What could be a more perfect way to end your trip?

Photos by : Cita Arsita Farani & Kiki Y. Basuki