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Glimpses of Rome

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A historical city filled with past glories and present marvels, Rome reveals a story in every corner. 

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The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill used to be a grand district with many public spaces including temples, offices and shrines. It was also considered the first settlement of Rome made by Romulus. Now, ruins dominate most of the area. 

Behind the fountain of Rome between the Tiber and the Aniene are the steps that led to Villa Borghese gardens, which makes a popular spot for tourists to see the magnificent view of Piazza del Popolo below and St. Peter’s Basilica in the distance.

The empty remaining chairs  on the square of St. Peter’s, awaiting the next wave of pilgrims during religious services.

The left photo depicts one of the many grand sculptural works inside St. Peter’s Basilica, Bertel Thorvaldsen’s Monument to Pius VII. Next to it is a member of the elite Pontifical Swiss Guard which serves as the military force of Vatican City State.

The Vatican Museums hold countless masterpieces of art, but the architectural features also deserve a spotlight. On this page is the famous Spiral Staircase commissioned to Giuseppe Momo. The next photo is a close up shot of one of the dome roofs.

With all the obelisks, columns, and tall monuments in Rome, sometimes the best sights can only be seen when you raise your eyes. On the left is an ancient Corinthian column turned into the Column of the Immaculate Conception topped with a bronze Virgin Mary statue. Next to it is one of Roman victory columns called the Column of Marcus Aurelius, featuring a spiral relief that tells the story of Marcomannic Wars.

You can go anywhere in Rome and still find something worth looking up for. I found this fountain when I got lost and only later learned that it was called Triton Fountain of Piazza Barberini, commissioned to sculptor Bernini by his patron Pope to celebrate the Acqua Felice aqueduct restoration and provide water to the surrounding citizens.

photos by Cita Arsita Farani