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Jacada Travel: The Exclusive Adventurous Getaway

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Travel equals fun. It also refreshes our mind and body, and definitely adds up more exciting experiences to our memory. In short, travel satisfies us. Oh wait. Does it really? Doesn’t it make you want to proceed even further? Doesn’t it let your mind wander about places you haven’t visited yet? If so, then why do we travel in the first place? Why do we feel the need to visit other places, yet never seem to get enough? How come there is always a place that we want to set our foot in, no matter how gratifying our home is?

Some say travelling let them find themselves, help them unveil their more secluded and intimate side of being. Others argue that they travel to get lost, to savor the excitement of being a complete stranger, without feeling alienated. Some travel for passion and also compassion. And some do it without specific reason but find it cool to parade the pictures out in the social screen and let your circles know you were having so much fun last weekend, as nowadays pictures are almost as valuable as the holiday itself. But no matter what your reason is, travel keeps you alive and alert. And it sure is addicting.

So, to provide an inspirational travel, careful craft to fill in the itinerary puzzle are compelled. But if time is an issue, for a hassle-free and less time-consuming option, let Jacada Travel work it for you.

Founded by Alex Malcolm in 2008, Jacada has been recognized as the leading expert in personalized private-guided luxury tours. Jacada Travel has spread their horizon of travel destinations to Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Polar Regions. It inspires itineraries for travellers seeking an experience from their dedicated team of Travel Designers and local tour guide expertise on-the-ground, insider knowledge and access. With their discreet and attentive service throughout planning, travellers are guided to make the most of their time away and experience exceptional lifetime journey from across the world.

The destinations and itineraries offered by Jacada Travel can be tailored with the help of their dedicated Travel Designer to suit the needs of friends, families and couples of all ages. Whether seeking adventure, culture, wildlife or beaches, guests are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience which includes insider access on the ground as well as gourmet picnics, ‘sleep outs’ set up in the wilds of the African bushveld or swimming with Whale Sharks in the Mexican waters of Holbox Island as examples of going beyond the ordinary.

A key highlight of any Jacada Travel trip is the availability of specialist guides in each destination, whose expert knowledge and inherent familiarity with the culture and language means that Jacada Travel can offer a more in-depth level of touring. These one-of-a-kind guides deliver unique cultural experiences ranging from Amazon tribe encounters in Peru, heli-skiing in Chile, a visit to the famous Golden City Temple in Laos through to a Northern Lights excursion.

Whenever you need some fresh air and lots of adventure with a touch of art and a glass of wine to end the day, head your desire to The Explorer Lounge at Jacada Travel’s Hong Kong and be prepared for your “trip of a lifetime”.

For more information visit www.jacadatravel.com