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Paragliding from Puncak Lawang

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Where the beauty of nature blends with people’s enthusiasm for adrenaline sport

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Puncak Lawang, located in Agam regency, is one of the many interesting sites to visit in West Sumatra. You will feel like you are above the clouds as you stand at the peak of Bukit Lawang, overlooking its outstanding natural scenery. A clear blue sky up above and an amazing 360-degree view of Lake Maninjau. Situated 15 kilometers west of Bukittinggi city, Puncak Lawang has been a destination since Dutch colonial era, where dutch officials would go for vacation.

The trip to Puncak Lawang can be reached with two routes, from Bukittinggi via Sungai Landia and Matur, or from Padang city leading to Pariaman, Lubuk Basung, Maninjau and Kelok 44. The second route, however, will be much more thrilling with its hilly terrain and topsy turvy roads, suitable for the more experienced drivers who are looking for challenges.

More recently, Puncak Lawang has become a top paragliding site, offering the paragliders an unbeatable view of the Lake Maninjau, making it one of the most amazing experience one can have in a lifetime. For this reason, several international paragliding events have been held in Puncak Lawang and have been made as an annual agenda by the local government to attract both domestic and foreign travelers. Many even claim that it is one of the best places to ‘fly’ in South East Asia.

Agam World Cup Paragliding Championship 2013, for instance, has attracted many participants across Asia, like Malaysia and China. It covers three paragliding sites; Puncak Lawang, Lawang Park, and the road between the two. The height of the hill is approximately 700 meters from the landing site in Bayur on the shore of Lake Maninjau. Its altitude is the main attraction for the fliers going to Maninjau, as they can fly longer compared to what they can do in Puncak, West Java, for example, where the difference between the takeoff and landing is a mere 250 meters.

At the top of the hill, at an altitude of 1,210 meters above sea level, you can enjoy the beauty of the area and the surroundings of Lake Maninjau, even without flying. Mid-morning is usually clear with the best light and offers great view from the top. The first Indonesian President Soekarno even wrote a poem once about the beauty of the panoramic view of Lake Maninjau.

Equally fascinating, visitors may enjoy other exciting adventures in this place. Lawang Adventure Park prompts young locals to have high awareness of tourism and offers exhilarating adventure tourism to visitors, like outbound, rafting, super camp, and paintball. It provides visitors with accommodation located on the peak of a hill in various wooden huts, allowing visitors to connect with nature.

Those interested in healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits would find Puncak Lawang inviting. It is appropriate place for travelers picking up strawberries, apples and oranges produced by the local farmers. Community members around the hill and lake fathom that their service to travelers and their preservation of environment would contribute to their welfare.

photo by Donny Syofyan