WanderlustOdysseyPlataran Private Cruises: The Smell of Historical Remnants

Plataran Private Cruises: The Smell of Historical Remnants

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The Pinisi boat is a wooden craft that has been used in and around Indonesia for several centuries since the 1500s. Used both as transport and cargo vessels, the ‘Pinisi’ (variously spelled Pinissi, Pinisiq, or Phinisi) have been traditionally built with logs from the forests of Sulawesi (Celebes) and Kalimantan (Borneo), manually transported to the boat building sites.

There were always several interesting rituals and ceremonies throughout the building process of such vessel, beginning with choosing the right trees for critical parts of the structure. Just as with traditional wooden boat building in the West, various rituals continue throughout the building process to initiate and celebrate each stage, all for the conquest to level even the most dangerous ocean.

Nowadays, the transport use of the Phinisi have been transformed into a luxurious private cruises specially tailored for an unparalleled sailing experience. The Plataran Private Cruise started with a small fleet of vessels with only 1 base in Labuan Bajo, Komodo, and in just a few years, this luxury on boat has rapidly expanded its operations and now boasts a total of 8 luxury vessels consisting of 4 wooden phinisis (Felicia, Ambasi, Bali, Komodo) and 4 yachts which provide a range of cruise selections to various exotic destinations within Indonesia. Based in various locations ‐ including in Plataran Waecicu Beach at Labuan Bajo, Plataran Menjangan at Menjangan West Bali National Park and Plataran Mutiara Deck at Pantai Mutiara Jakarta ‐ each of which is equipped with its own private jetty.

To board the Plataran Private Cruise is to inhale the smell of Indonesia’s historical remnants, its glorious aura, and the nostalgic vibes—all in intimate yet modern sailing experience.

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