WanderlustOdysseyNihiwatu Mamole Tree House : and Time Stood Still

Nihiwatu Mamole Tree House : and Time Stood Still

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Sumba is an island of definite stimulant. The landscape consists of low limestone hills rather than steep volcanoes like many of Indonesian islands, planted with more maize and cassava, in lieu of rice. Being a remote island in Eastern Indonesia and an outpost for world-class surfing, this island is beyond doubt will make you refuse to acknowledge the concept of time.

Besides its mesmerizing landscape, Sumba is also known for its rich culture. In South Western Sumba, you can find traditional village portraying houses surrounded with corals arranged neatly in circular shape. Other than that, you might find an array of megalithic burials in front of the houses with tower and reed as a protective covering on top, standing as high as 20 meters. These megalithic burials and traditional houses stand as a symbol of life and death.

To experience Sumba’s beauty with all eyes and heart, you will need a place to stay with a blend of culture and magnificent scenery such as Nihiwatu Resort. Being a recent winner of The 2015 PURE Design Award, this resort has launched three new signature villa residences to complete the resort’s existing 21 villa estate offering, including the long awaited Mamole Tree House. This tree house, unveiled in November 2015 is a 3-bedroom tree house complex, elevated on wooden stilts between Nihi’s ancient tree. It features a Sumbanese signature in style and features traditional touches including local carvings, antiques and ikat prints.