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A Taste of Passion

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When food easily brings people with different passions together.

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Food is almost magical. When people hang out together while enjoying great food with great taste, it brings them together and creates a unique bond. Such is proven by the four bloggers brought together by Pancious.

In appreciation to how these bloggers inspire their audience, Pancious with its #PanciousNation collaborated with them to create new menus that represent their respective passions, hobbies and interests. Food blogger Stanislaus Hans loves ice cream and unique food, so Pancious created for him the Black Prawn Pasta, a dish that mixes squid ink fettuccini with prawns and chili, and the Nutty Coco Frappe, a chocolate-peanut drink so sinfully creamy that it tastes just like ice cream. For comfort food lover and original recipe creator Mullie Marlina who is particularly charmed by Japanese culinary, Pancious presented the Banana Rum Raisin Charcoal Waffle with white chocolate and rum sauce, along with the creamy and refreshing Marcha Frappe.

Marischka Prudence, a travel blogger dedicated to roam unexplored places in Indonesia and around the world, is represented by Spicy Beef Vietnamese Burger which blends Western and Asian flavors, along with the healthy and exotic Orange Banana Smoothie. Last but not least, the stylish fashion and beauty blogger, Olivia Lazuardy, inspired Pancious to present the elegant Snapper and Anchovies Pasta with spinach and the right amount of spiciness, and Strawberry Banana Smoothie which tastes fresh and delicious.

Through this collaboration, the four bloggers got to know each other and find out how much they actually have in common, even though they blog about different things. Hans, for instance, now loves to travel with Prudence while Olivia often asks Mullie for her recommendation on new hangout spots. Now, Pancious expects for the experience to continue among the guests who get a taste of  #PanciousNation.