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Pearl of Piera

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Why just cherish one color when life constantly offer us different shades of emotions? a pearl for every mood, a string of bubbles for every moment.

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A diva in wine industry, Piera Martellozo inherited a winery and company from her grandfather. Her wines have received many international awards and recently, used her own name for her new range of sparkling wines “Perle di Piera”.

Although her motto is simply and solely wine, the wines that she produced are anything but; Perle di Piera's bottle reflects the elegance, beauty, femininity and fashionable design.

Piera really puts her personality into her wines that have the good reputation for always being bold, dynamic and creative. It is always about the balance of life, body and soul, land and sky, density and fluidity, straight and curvy, tradition and subtlety.  

The idea comes from the waves of the sea; sinuous, glamorous and transparent. Enjoying this sparkling wine gives a pleasure for each sensory, a touch of fashion, a merriment when the fizz surface, a taste of beauty in your palate.

A Pearl for each mood
Perle di Piera is by far the most successful sparkling wine range in Piera Martellozo and has won several international awards for its quality in the last few years.

The inspiration behind this collection are moments from everyday life; it is about how every glass of this range can be the best accompaniment for each mood in life. 

Blue Pearl – Prosecco Doc, produced at the hills between the Dolomites and Venice. Glera grapes are used for this Blue Pearl Prosecco Doc that gives bright yellow hues in color.  You can taste a lovely note of flower fragrance, a taste of apple and pear on and a subtle sensation of the sparkle bubble sensation on your tongue. A perfect companion for the joy of living. One afternoon in beach, when you feel the warm sand in your feet and the sea breeze on your face and watch the sun set slowly in the horizon.

Pink Pearl – Rose Cuvee, a perfect combination of Raboso del Piave, Pinot Nero and Muscat Rose. The bottle itself is a beautiful pinkish frosted glass bottle with modern abstract logo. The vibrant red rose color gives a sense of cute, girly, yet elegant in the same time. When the bottle is opened, the froth will emerge with the generous aroma of strawberry and raspberry that will emanate to the air. A rich fruity palate will linger in your mouth, combined with the tiny bubbles that give a long sensation in your mouth.  It's like tasting sweet romance and a bouquet of red roses.

Yellow pearl - Ribolla Glalla ,Produced in North Italy, not too far from the Slovenian border, the Ribolla Gialla is made with grapes that undergo a cold static settling process.  Light golden in color with greenish tinges, it has an elegant and persistent flavor with a bold fruit scent and notes of apples in your nose. A hint of bitterness at the end but very pleasant and refreshing aperitif. Divine refreshment for a clear spring day; when the flower start to bloom and the weather is friendly.  Also perfect to accompany your seafood or spicy Asian cuisine.

These three 'pearls' among the total of six variety of Perle di Piera are available in Indonesia right now. As a proof of Piera Martellozo success, these sparkling wines are very popular not only in Europe and Indonesia, but also in other countries like China, Peru and Eastern Europe. Piera has added the essential parcel other than grapes in creating her wines; that is emotion, passion, and tradition. Those elements put her in the strong position in today's ever competitive wine market.

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