NewsHotel Indonesia Group Strengthens Business Synergy

Hotel Indonesia Group Strengthens Business Synergy

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To increase the number of domestic and foreign tourists as well as stand up against the competition from international hotels, state-owned hotels are forming a consolidation in Hotel Indonesia Group (HIG) synergy. HIG is formed based on the vision and mission of being the largest hotel chain in Indonesia so that its hotels can become the host in their own country, providing the best services to the guests with international standard Indonesian hospitality.

In the first phase, there is a synergy between hotels owned by PT Hotel Indonesia Natour (HIN), PT Patrajasa (a subsidiary of PT Pertamina) and PT Aero Wisata (a subsidiary of PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk). HIG currently has 26 members from 2 to 5 star hotels, including 7 Aerowisata hotels, 7 Hotel Indonesia Natour hotels and 7 Patra Jasa hotels. At the launch of HIG on 28 September 2016, 9 hotels of Pegadaian (Pesona Hotel) and 1 hotel of Taman Wisata Candi located in Borobudur Temple Area will also join in.

HIG’s unique logo has its own philosophy. The circle gives the impression of something dynamic, on the move, speedy, repetitive, uninterrupted, no beginning or end, timeless, quality, reliable, perfect and life. Lavender flower itself is known for numerous benefits, easily recognizable, and grow clustered in a single stalk. HIG is expected to stand as a bridge between hotels in Indonesia.