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Balanced Life, Happy Life

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“You are what you choose to be in life and it starts with knowing who you truly are,” – Master Umesh H. Nandwani

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“Why don’t they teach us how to be happy in school?” The question was posed by Sky Ho, Director of TGS Malaysia, which started his journey for self-discovery. A question that also resonated with everyone during the opening of The Golden Space Indonesia. Not just school, but the society and the urban life in general urge us to be successful and to keep up with the dynamic, fast pace. This often causes imbalance and unhappiness that can disturb the many aspects inside oneself.

In the face of such condition, The Golden Space was founded by Maaster Umesh H. Nandwani and Sushila Devi in 2005 at Singapore. There’s another center in Malaysia and representative offices in the U.S. and Australia, but the master himself has been conducting seminars and workshops to audiences throughout the world. As a non-religious, alternative healing, universal meditation and life-transformational center, everyone from all backgrounds can easily come in to learn about how to awaken their potential and become a better person.

In Indonesia, the community itself was started several years ago following a number private sessions. The ‘students’, who all felt completely transformed, finally decided to open The Golden Space in Jakarta on August 2016 to get the word out and help more people to achieve their happy, balanced life. The center is located right in the heart of the city for easier access. With a homey concept, the center is designed to be a place where anyone can feel comfortable. Aside from the meditation space that doubles as a function room, there’s also a store in collaboration with local social enterprises that offers well-curated health, self-empowerment and spiritual products including rare imported books, crystals, oracle cards, singing bowls, organic food, and meditation pillows.

There’s a monthly schedule, so you can choose the meditation classes yourself, with themes varying from love life, finance, career, healing and kids. For beginners, it’s best to start with “Hello! Meditation” with a Q&A session. “The Path to Self-Healing” teaches you how most sickness comes from the mind and how your mind can heal the body. “Kid’s Mindfulness” is a special class for children and their parents to help them become more focused, think with the heart and live in the present. There are also private consultations on relationships, chakra cleansing, women empowerment, oracle card reading, energy healing and bowen therapy.

Twice each year, Master Umesh H. Nandwani will come to Indonesia and hold the “Awaken The Divine You”, cited as one of the fastest life-transformation program in the world. It’s a series of workshops that allows you to master your own life, finding your purpose and gain the skills and knowledge to fulfill them. “It changed my life,” Cindy Gozali, Commissioner of TGS Indonesia said. “It changed the life of everyone in this room who had participated in it.”

The Golden Space Indonesia
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