WanderlustSavorGendis Restaurant Hotel Santika Harapan Indah: Beyond Indonesian Classics

Gendis Restaurant Hotel Santika Harapan Indah: Beyond Indonesian Classics

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Noted as the most beloved food destination in Harapan Indah, Gendis Restaurant in Hotel Santika Harapan Indah has become the go-to place for foodies to treat themselves with some of Indonesia’s most scrumptious dishes. 

These days, people are willing to travel for miles to have the most authentic of taste. In Gendis Restaurant. Every aspect of the dish is very well covered; the restaurant offers variants of dish that both tourists or even the most discerning Indonesian food enthusiast can easily relate to, such as the classic Indonesian fried rice, Nasi Rames to Oxtail soup and Bekasi’s very own specialties like Ikan Gabus Pucung Khas Bekasi. With the ever changing trend of culinary, Gendis Restaurant keeps on expanding their choice of menu and creating a special dish every month.

The whole concept of the special dish is by adapting something that you can’t find in any other places but in Gendis. Recently, the hotel launched one of its new menu called “Nasi Bakar Bambu Runcing”. The dish is served with a Nasi Liwet, Opor Ayam, Sambalan Labu Siam, Sambel Terasi and Gendar crackers.  The rich taste coming from the opor (white curry) spices makes it ideal for food lovers or hotel guests who are craving for something savoury.

Apart from their exceptional Indonesian food, Gendis hotel also serves continental menu ranging from pasta, pizza, burger and sandwiches. Along with coffee, tea and healthy beverages to complement everyone’s eating experience.

Hotel Santika Premiere Harapan Indah
Jl. Harapan Indah Bulevar
No. 10-12 Medan Satria,
Bekasi 17131 - Indonesia